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Rant – Selling to Gun People & Former Military

One of the good things about gun nuts is that they are more likely to be honest people. Not that there are not plenty of scumbags out there, but a slightly less percentage of those are gun nuts.


I swear, some times I really hate trying to sell stuff to gun nuts and former military as they can be the cheapest bastards out there.

I was trying to sell some old uniform items and this military officer kept trying to play games to get me to give him a discount. Finally when I wouldn’t and told him that I wasn’t going to sell to him then he tries to come in with false sympathy because he is all worried that I am suicidal.

WTF dude, not wanting to deal with an asshole doesn’t mean that I am suicidal.


Gun nuts can be ridiculous in trying to get a deal. I know, I done similar.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I was selling a light, BUIS, bipod, or something and had it pictured on a rifle in the ad.
It never fails, I would get some comment like:
“You know that thing you are selling for $200, I’ll offer you $100 if you throw in the rifle too.”

No buddy, I’m not going to sell it for half price and throw in a rifle for free.


One time I was trying to sell some stuff, then I had a few surprise medical bills. I added to my advertisements that I had some medical bills and I would appreciate a fast sale.

Oh that was a mistake. Jerks came out of the woodwork offering me 10% or less of my asking price. When I turned them down they started acting like they were debt collectors threatening me that I wouldn’t be able to pay my medical bills otherwise.

No asshole, I’m not going to sell you a $1000 gun for $100.

So I paid my medical bills out of my emergency funds, removed that comment on the ads of the items I was selling and sold them all with in a month or so at the asking price.


There was a hard to find AK part I was selling for $100.  Someone contacts me and offers me $50.  I tell him that I would be willing to do $75.  He then says that he can’t do $50, but would be willing to do $35.

I got so annoyed I relisted it for $150.  I sold it the next day at $150.

Continuing on that note, there have been a few times when I was negotiating a price with someone when someone else offered me my asking price.  So the new guy with the cash gets it.

Once I had the person, who was haggling with, threaten me for breach of contract, even though we never agreed on a price.

Time you spend haggling is time someone else might be using to buy it.


I’m sure we all share the dream of going to some garage sale and giving an old staving widow $20 and a can of cat food for a crate of Singer M1911A1 pistols. But lets try not to be an asshole when we try to rip people off for that killer deal.

2 thoughts on “Rant – Selling to Gun People & Former Military”

  1. I would concur with pretty much all of this. Especially on the forums. I’d get a PM saying “I’ll take it” while at work or asleep and a couple hours later someone would post on the thread. They’d start arguing with me about “rules” and how I sucked at life because I didn’t update the post immediately. Dude, I was at work or otherwise couldn’t, let alone even know, what was going on but someone else took it first and I can prove it with time stamps. “This is how things work…” I don’t know what to tell you other than sing me the song of your people and let the healing begin.

    Or, when I sold my old Giraud trimmer for about $50 less than new. This guy PM’d me, literally told me I was stupid because of the wait list to get them I could’ve charged double. I told him I knew what I paid for it new all those years back, it had been used to trim thousands and thousands of cases and I don’t take advantage of people like that, but, if he felt so inclined to treat people that way was his own business. Then he commenced to get butt hurt that I questioned his integrity. Gun people are good people. A lot of gun people are real a-holes sometimes!


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