NPR shows Education Department’s report on school shoots grossly exaggerated.


Sooo, some reported statistics were wrong.  Who could ever believe that?

To sum it up.  The Education Department claimed that “nearly 240 schools” reported 1 or more school related shootings.  When National Public Radio (NPR) looked into this, they found that 161 of these schools or districts reported to NPR that no school shootings had occurred.  11 were confirmed independently,  4 miscategorized.  59 could not be confirmed or disconfirmed.  The rest either had no shootings or misreported the numbers.  This isn’t the only issue with the report.  NPR points out several problems with it.  Read their article if you want all the details.

NPR reports that the Education Department has no plans to correct the report.

Kudos to NPR for doing real research and finding this out.  I find now almost every single time I have someone quote me some statistic that it is wrong.  Personally, every time now when I am told almost anything I usually whip out my phone and do a search immediately.  The majority of the time the person telling the “facts” is wrong.  I’m not just talking about firearm related information and statistics, but everything in general.  Few people these days do any sort of due diligence and just repeat any sayings they liked hearing.


  1. Saw that. I’m really surprised and impressed that NPR did it. Who knows, maybe they will turn over a new leaf and make stuff like this the new norm.


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