I ran across this article from a few days ago about the  new rifle ( vaporware ) shown by Kalashnikov.  They have came up with the cutting edge idea of putting out an AK variant in 308 or, 7.62mm NATO.   One wonders if this is just an attempt to sell rifles in other countries or if the commies  decided to consider the same idiotic idea of the US Army lately and take a step back 50 plus years and adopt a 7.62 NATO service rifle.

  • The Russian maker of the AK-47 unveiled a new rifle on Monday.
  • The new gun, called the AK-308, weighs about 9 1/2 pounds with an empty 20-round magazine and has a dioptric sight and foldable stock.
  • It’s unclear whether the Russian military will adopt the new AK-308.

The Russian maker of the AK-47 unveiled a new rifle on Monday called the AK-308, which it is expected to demonstrate at the Army-2018 Forum on Tuesday.

“The weapon is based on the AK103 submachine gun for the cartridge 7.62×51 mm with elements and components of the AK-12 automatic machine,” Kalashnikov Concern said in a press statement on Monday.

“At the moment, preparations are under way for preliminary testing of weapons,” Kalashnikov added.

The AK-308 weighs about 9 1/2 pounds with an empty 20-round magazine, Kalashnikov said. The gun also has a dioptric sight and foldable stock.”

In January, the Russian military announced it would replace its standard issue AK-74M rifles with AK-12 and AK-15 rifles.


It doe make you wonder what niche  exactly the Russians  intend this new rifle to fill.  Of course it will most likely not fill any role as they don’t have the money to even buy enough of them to field.     There seems to be a strange sickness taking hold these days with so many people calling for battle rifle rounds to be brought back into use for more than sniping and machine guns.

It is hard to imagine anyone with any sense wanting to give up the excellent 5.45MM round  currently in service for the 308. But then again these are the same guys who thought up the “dead hand”  system. so who knows?


  1. I give it a hearty three “meh” rating.

    Solution in search of a problem? Really, I don’t think anyone is going to do something new until a better way to do ammunition goes mainstream. As long as we keep using brass cases ammo, it’s all just about the same.

  2. I’m guessing it’s mainly for export. A number of countries have picked the SCAR and Baretta in .308 so this is probably them trying to get a peice of that market.
    Although I thought i read somewhere some years ago that the Russians had bought a small batch of 5.56 AKs to use if the 5.45 was uncommon.

  3. Whatever the reasoning it’s a good show of capability to counter the dribble coming from the peanut gallery on our side of the pond. As a pure fleet weapon it don’t have much merit for a largely conscripted army unless they’re tinkering with its fodder. Lighter, faster AP rounds would pose a greater threat to personal body armor while heavier rounds like our M118 would allow them to saturate their infantry squads with DMs far cheaper than an equal number of SVDs. When considered along with our Army’s selection of an HK417 model for DM issue I think that’s where we’re at honestly.


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