Daisy Model 25

When my Dad was a boy in the 50s he had a a pump action BB gun that  loved.  All of my life I have heard about it and how powerful it was.   It went with him every where.    The same  model is still made to this day  in a much cheaper crappier form that doesn’t generate enough power o kill a bumblebee.   I ran across these images of a very fancy  Model 25 I thought I would share. Back when everything seemed to be quality.

I am sure you have all seen optics for BB and pellet guns meant for kids. None of them are ever worth the  cheap parts they are made from but the one on the gun below seems to have been actually usable.   I can imagine a boy with this rig would have been very proud and the envy  of all his friends.

Daisy Model 25 with Daisy 300 Rifle Scope

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