3D Printing Guns


I can’t seem to listen to the news with out hearing people say stupid things about the threat of 3D printed guns and how much we need laws to stop this.

This so very stupid on so many levels.

First, it is legal to build your own gun.  Doesn’t matter how, you can.  A push to make 3D printing guns illegal is likely to be used to try and make all home made firearms illegal.

Second, 3d printing sucks for manufacturing firearms.  It would be quicker and easier to drive down to the hardware store, buy some plumbing, and use a drill press to make a gun.  But 3D printing technology is getting better and better.  There is a rumor mill that part of the firearm industry is pushing for these laws to help prevent them from having competition.  I really hope that is false.

You can buy an AR15 for less than $400 right now, you’d be hard pressed to find a $400 3D printer that isn’t garbage for making precision parts.

Ultimately, this is about power.  Some of our politicians want to give them selves the power to regulate speech and information.  They are using fear tactics to get people to support the government censoring information.


  1. Howard,this is at moment the way I see it more a free speech issue.That Cody and Defense Distributed again blocked by a court tells me all I need to know.While their library didn’t go live on Aug. 1 strangely enough a site called codeisfreespeech did,hmmmmm…,a lot of plans ect. that goes just beyond polymers.

    Considering the Army TM31-210 manual been online for years seems these crying AG’s have more to worry about unless they are just grand standing/posturing.

    I agree one can buy say a AR reasonably priced,some folks just like to tinker but all this publicity has shown many the horse that left the barn years ago,also,there may be a time when one cannot buy said AR and tech getting better daily so see this as a good thing.

  2. The LA Times (!) ran an editorial that also calls this a First Amendment issue, which it is.
    A very strange bedfellow for Howard…
    Is a pink Mohawk next?


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