RIA Debuts Never Issued Winchester Model 12 TrenchShotgun


Rock Island has sent out an email with an article that touches on collecting US Martial shotguns.   At the end they produced this marvel worth seeing.  They also talking about the Model37and  the Model 97 among others.  Read at the link below or skip to the  juice which I have ganked from there and reposted below.



Absolutely Outstanding As-Issued World War II U.S. Army Contract Winchester Model 12 Trench Shotgun with Winchester Box

Model 12 trench shotgun

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is an absolute time capsule. If you have ever wondered what a WWII era Winchester Model 12 trench shotgun looked like on the day it was issued, wonder no longer. It is as issued, unfired, covered in cosmoline, with its original instruction manual, wrapped in some of the original US Army preservative wrapping paper, and still in its original box. Based on its serial number it was produced in 1945 and is one of the very last ones made. Virtually untouched, it is also likely one of the last, if not THE last, Model 12 preserved so perfectly.

Winchester Model 12 WW2 trench shotgun

If the Model 1897 set many standards for shotguns, the Model 12 arguably perfected them. Finally discontinued in 1964 with nearly 2 million in production, it is largely what is pictured when asked to envision a pump action shotgun. It is THE quintessential “pumper gun” and rightfully marketed by Winchester upon its release as the “Perfect Repeater.” Only 80,000 were manufactured for various branches of the military and most saw use in the Pacific theater during WWII. Virtually unchanged from the Great War to World War 2 and into the Korean War, its six shot capacity and reliability allowed it to serve in any number of close-quarter duties. Designed by Thomas Crossley Johnson, the Model 12 made several improvements on the Model 1897. Most notably, it hid the exposed hammer of its predecessor, strengthened several of the internals, and added a separate bolt release that could be activated by pulling the trigger or pressing a button near the trigger guard.

Model 12 trench shotgun


With so many long lasting, reliable shotguns designs being produced at the turn of the 20th century, one could argue that this “arms race” between a handful of manufacturers resulted in a golden age for mass produced shotguns. So why are trench guns popular? Maybe its the battle ready look of the heat shields, maybe it’s the renowned reliability, maybe its people’s familiarity with the commercial versions of these shotguns, or maybe it’s just the ability to put a blade on the end of a shotgun – whatever the reasoning, the appeal and popularity of military shotguns is not going away anytime soon. And as long as people will want one of their own, you can expect to find them as a regular feature at Rock Island Auction Company.


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  1. Um, yes, well, such purchases shouldn’t be entered into in haste.


    • It still surprises me that examples of guns that old still turn up like that. Never issued still in its original storage. of course Im never lucky enough to be the one who finds it

  2. On my return from sunny SE Asia in 1970, I was posted to Ft. Knox where I spent a couple months as an ammo dump guard. I recall the shotgun I was issued was a Model 12 and I was actually allowed to have shells in it, the only stateside guard duty I stood where that was the case. I wouldn’t mind having one but I doubt I could handle the price.

    • you could always get you a used model 12, have the barrel cut down and buy one of those repro heat shields. lot of people go that route and its a lot cheaper

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