Pet peeve, our military is not a daycare.


We try not to go into politics and the like here on, but lately I keep seeing the same bullshit said elsewhere that I just have to rant about it.

I used to see and hear people express how we needed a draft to straighten out the children of this nation.  Now I tend to see it stated differently.  Usually it is something like, “My daughter is a drug addict and can’t hold a job, I’m trying to get her to join the military.”

Now there are a good number of problems with this mentality.  The military has a job, stuff along the lines of the common defense of our nation and the projection of force in order to support the interests of our country, etc.  The various jobs of the military don’t include being a daycare or therapy for your fucked up kid.

Our military works in stressful situations doing vital tasks.  Conscripting the military full of people who don’t want to be there, or are unable to function, is only going to reduce the capability and smooth operation of our military.  Doing this is only going to is making it harder on the people who are there to get the job done.

The people who want want the military to be their kid’s parent are the same type of scum who want to strip us of our rights and hand over all power to the government.  They are they sort of people who want the Big Brother Government to fix all our issues including being a parent for their kid and other peoples kids.  They are being selfish idiots who want to pawn off their problems on someone else and let everyone else’s tax dollars pay for it.

Our Military is a place for professionals doing a dangerous and important jobs, not a daycare for your poorly raised child.


  1. Amen, with an addendum:

    If the military takes such human refuse as many parents want the military to take, then why won’t the military take still-functional old guys like yours truly, who is still in good shape, has his head on straight, can out-shoot most other people who will ever join the military, has real skills in many areas and who could be a very naughty boy when necessary?

    Why does the military take human refuse with permanent attitude problems, just because they’re of a young age, when they could have functional, responsible adults with skills and experience?

    It’s a real head-scratcher.

    • Part of the youth requirement is that at some point a 22 yeard 2LT is going to say “Follow Me” to a bunch of 18-22 year old 11Bs to take an objective. And from the plt ldr down everyone in that situation needs to believe that they’re unstoppable, unkillable, Taliban destroying beer drinking pussy slaying machine.

      • yeah, I have read several times about that was one of the reasons that the first wave of the assaulting units on D-day was particularly not veteran units that had seen combat. They knew the vets from North Africa and Italy had learned what modern weapons do to the human body and that in fact none of them were invincible

    • I’m gonna take a swing at this one. I could think of a few reasons. The arrogant assumption of the young that they could never die. The ability to mold a younger mind.Older guys like all of us here know we are not invincible, we know what a high velocity bullet will do to the human body. Older fellows are more set in their ways and stubborn. Then you got health issues. Older guys will wear out faster, take longer to recover, have more health issues pop up more often. An older fella is also more set in his ways. not as likely to be impressed by authority who “knows better” and likely isn’t as easy to indoctrinate. Big difference I will wager between joining at 18 and spending 20 years in and getting old, and becoming a well rounded dependent man outside the military then joining up. Of course worst case scenario I am sure they will take all us older guys whether they wanted to or not


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