Unertl Scope Base Chart


    This is something I am often asked about  from people who are interested in getting a Unertl for a rifle they have . This info sometimes can be hard to track down.  It also shows some interesting options  available at the time.    If you have an old target rifle or varmint rifle with the old hole spacing it may still worth tracking down these bases and putting them on the gun to complete it.


    • You see pictures of people who will put the front base on the proper spot on the barrel then the rear unertl mount on the rear of a rifles receiver and not the front of the receiver and have no idea how much they are changing their scopes clicks value

  1. Shawn, if you’re still here I can’t thank you enough for posting this chart. my old eyes can’t use the iron sights on my Win. 52C, but the front scope mount was removed decades ago and now i can’t find it anywhere. i’m buying a unertl target scope but i have not been able to find a mount. this will surely help. thanks again.

    Rob Rambaud


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