Winchester WW II Victory Series Ammo


Several days ago Winchester  unveiled and add for one of its new “collectors”  ( gimmick) ammo  series. This one centered around WW2.  I saw this advert on the MidwayUSA instagram account and screenshot it.   The, being the chump I am, ordered some.

It is pretty nifty.  It comes in a little wood box  with various designs and artwork on it.   Nothing new as winchester has issued  special runs of ammo in little wood boxes like this often over the years. Usually in .22long rifle.     Inside the wood “ammo crate” is a  brown box down up to look like  a box of ball ammo  that gives off military vibes and nostalgia with all the extra decoration.     It was only 24 yankee  greenbacks for  the 50 rounds. Of course what you are really buying is the containers. Or that was the case for me anyway.    Below are pictures I took of both boxes for your gratification.   I felt it was worth the 25 as I am a sucker for this sort of think as you all know by now.

The outer wood box.

Inside of the wood box is the  brown paper box.  The top of the wooden container just slides off.

I think it’s  a cool little run with some nice throwback artwork.   I’m not going to shoot the ammo so no report on that. It will just set with the mountain of older militaria and firearms related nostalgia stuff I accumulate.


  1. I’ll probably be picking up a box or two for the same reason. They’re supposed to be doing .30 M2 Ball as well if I understood correctly?


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