The Weaver K4  is an optic that has been around a long time.   Today we  will take a look at the K4 F, a vintage Weaver that  was made back in the day when a rifle scope with a power much more than 4x or 6x was considered too much for anything other than match use.

The Weaver K4 was  a top end optic of its day and it is easy to see why.  It has a one piece  1 inch tube.  The  fixed power makes for simple construction with only a ring for adjusting parallax.

Later Weavers  were made with the “micro-track”  adjustment. These required the use of a coin or screw driver to adjust the optic for zeroing.   The K4 F used turrets that are finger adjustable.  The clicks are defined and audible.  Like most optics  the adjustments are in 1/4inch increments.

The cross hairs on the weaver K4-F are the fine straight cross hairs.  Hunters later developed a taste and preference the duplex cross hairs and later weavers come with the duplex.  I like the fine cross hairs myself,  but it is not the best for hunting in woods or around dawn or dusk.   The glass on this example is still clear and clean.   Of course it is not as as clear and bright as modern optics but for its age it is still outstanding.  My Dad bought another K4 in the late 70s and used it all the way up until the early 2000s.  It still sees  use on rimfire hunting rifles.

You can find the old weavers  online if you have a vintage rifle  that you want an optic for it from the same period of time  but also want one you can actually use and trust in the field, the vintage weaver is an excellent choice .


  1. Dude. I swear we are on the same wave lenght. I was trying to find a deal on k4s a little be ago to go on top of that sporterized m1917.

    • Dad has owned one for years as I mentioned. The one pictures I bought from a local shop yesterday. I had been trying to get them to sell it to me for years but he wouldnt since it was on a used gun he wanted to sell. Since the store is closing and the employees want a pay day one of them took it off and sold it to me for 40 bucks finally

  2. I had a K6W on a Husvarna in. 243 Win back in the 70’s. It was a good scope with a 2 minute dot over fine cross hairs. It never let me down.

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