Site improvements.


Time for us to upgrade

We have a ton of good content, we are getting close to a thousand posts. But that means that much of our best work is buried away and is hard to fine. We need to make it more visible. We need a better way to help you find the content you want to read. We also need a better way where you can comment and tell us what you think.

What do you want to see in an updated on this post with your requests and suggestions.

Oh, the issue with images not being enlargeable should be fixed going forward, but we don’t way to easily fix that in the old posts.


  1. Hmm….. maybe categories? You could do tags like SSD does ( although there list is a bit messy now) so if you want a history article it pulls up all the historical ones. Just spit balling. Current format seems fine for me so that’s I can think of really.

  2. – an ability to edit comments. It seems I’m forever tossing off these long comments, only to find after I post it that I have a subject/verb disagreement, failed to use the subjunctive or some other idiot illiterate mistake.

    – I’d like to see tags, but only at a very high level (such as “politics,” “reviews,” “military weapons” that sort of taxonomy. Don’t get too fine a granularity in this.

    – Larger photos. I’m always whinging on this, because I’m the sort of reader who wants to see very minute detail on firearms pics.

    That’s about it, really.

    • Hmm, might have to go to a different comment system to allow for editing. I’ll look into it.
      As for tags, that is what I wanted to do, but others were using tags like, “Accuracy Testing Federal 73gr Berger Match Ammo”.
      The issue with the photos should be fixed going forward. For some reason our media settings were wrong, so the thumbnails were not linking to the full sized image. This was an easy fix going forward, but I don’t think older posts will get fixed any time soon since each image would have to be updated manually.


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