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Hunting Nostalgia

I posted this picture a few years ago and like some of our older posts, the image got lost int he change over to the new improved  website. I ran across it again today while looking for another picture on my laptop.

I like this image a lot.   There was a time this stuff was  pretty well be state of the art.  I think any outdoors man would have been proud of this  spread.   Kinda sad that those days are gone.   Not that I would want to give up our modern guns, but  the simplicity of going out hunting in jeans and flannel.  Not a 300 dollar charcoal lined scent proof gortex jacket to set in a 40 foot high tree stand  over a feeder full of corn.    When I was a pre-teen, some of this stuff was still pretty common  in the part of the country I live.  Though it’s days were numbered.      So, since we all know I am a fan of this era of shooting and all its accessories and related, I thought I would  share the picture here again.


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