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PS magazine  has been dead and gone since 2012 and its sister publication The Accurate Rifle even longer.   It was a real shame these magazines and the info they provided are now long gone.   I don’t know what happened to most of the writers who had monthly articles.  No doubt they are floating around somewhere.  Probably in places like Benchrest central  etc.   Most were known competitors in bench rest, high  power/service rifle ,varmint hunters  and small bore and others are professional hunting guides ,  custom gun makers and ballisticians.  A few were just unique guys who did some pretty far out experimentation.   There was a lot of great technical info and shooting historical info  in those magazines. For a long time they were close to a technical journal but as the years passed and most of the generation of fellows who contributed to it and bought it died off, you could see the topics soften for a more general audience.

While looking for something the other day I dug out a large amount of my old subscriptions from years ago and flipped through them for old time sake.    One thing about an issue of PS or TAR was you could count on cover that was art in its own right.  With that in mind I thought I would share some of those covers with visitors of this website since most probably never read or even held and issue of PS.


If you enjoy these let me know and I will share more of them.



  1. PS is where I first learned folks were swaging their own bullets at the loading bench. I picked up swaging my own plinking fodder from rim fire cases years back. Admittedly, precision it ain’t but it’s still fun if not a lot of work.

    It was a good magazine. I’d hoped it’d get brought back in an online capacity maybe but doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards.

    • there was a guy who was one of the writers at PS started his own online site much like this one called “The Rifleman’s Journal” he had many past PS writers and precision accuracy worthies as guest writers but he seems to have put it on hiatus around 2013 and then he closes it down to were you had to have a password to even view the website. And I just checked again and see he has no just completely shut it down and removed it. Which is a shame cause he had a great technical site for highpower/service rifle

  2. Any chance of getting a PDF of one of the old articles? There’s an article in the Oct 2010 issue about the CZ 527 Trigger, but I can’t locate a copy of the mag.

  3. I wonder if by any chance you might be able to copy and email a copy of an article from PS that reviewed a scratch built rifle made by the late Bob White of Galesburg/Knoxville, IL? Bob was not only a wonderful gunsmith but also a fine man.

    Best, John P


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