As you know I am  big on vintage firearms paraphernalia. I am always on the look at for anything  gun related from days go by. From  back when even simple things were made to a higher quality.   And sometimes as a reminder of a better time in our country.

After a good friends recently passed away I have been helping his family deal with his gun related estate.  One of the things I bought  from the estate for myself was this Lyman tool for handloading.

Like most serious shooters I am also a hanloader.  Nearly everything I learned about precision handloading was taught to me by my mentor who is from an older generation.  Tools like this would have been more familiar to him than to most newer hand loaders.  Having spent so much time with my mentor being taught the finer points of hand loading for precision and bench rest , I acquired big appreciation for things from those years gone by, so I am always on the look out to accumulate and save items from being lost to history as so much of what was known is being lost or dying off   now in the time of ballistic engines and Horus reticles.

The box is a complete tool set to re load 30.06 Springfield.   It has everything you need minus the components for the ammo itself of course.  You still need case ,bullet, primer and powder.    Obviously there are a few things you would need to do before using this.  You would need to set your dies for seating dept and  a few things and you would need a way to measure case over all length to set the bullet with.  I will spare the details so as not to bore the non-reloaders reading.

Box is classic vintage Lyman  graphics and artwork/design.  With helpful descriptions of what each tool  is for.

Above you can see all the tools laid out.   One the right are the dies for things such as decapping fired primers,  the resize die , bullet seater etc.   On the left is the hand tool you use to force the cases into the dies or to set the bullets.   This takes the place of the bench mounted presses you are used to seeing or in the case of hand loaders, using.     I haven’t tried using it yet and likely won’t but I can imagine the effort it takes  by hand compared to the stroke of the arm of a  RCBS  Rockchucker.

This kit would be something you would buy if you wanted to dip your toes in handloading without going whole-hog.  Or if you wanted to reload while away from home. Maybe it was  even meant for the cheapskates who are the equivalent of the modern shoot who buys  NCstar red dots and tapco parts for their AR.    I am not really sure on this account but I do know Lyman has always been a name associated with quality when it comes to  hand loading tools and related items,

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of nostalgia as much as I do.


  1. It seems like this fits between the modern Lee Loader and Lee Hand Press as an inexpensive and portable tool.

  2. It wasn’t uncommon for rifles and pistols to be come with similar reloading equipment right out of the box 100yrs or so ago. No thrifty shooter is going to just throw away those cases!

    You gotta load up a few with this now.

  3. The Lyman 310 tool was a great value for the reloader who wasn’t going to experiment much with new powders or different loads. You could sit in front of the TV and knock out a couple hundred rounds in an evening…

  4. I have a complete Lyman Set, like the one pictured, in excellent condition in the original wood box. Wondering if there is a market for this type of item and any idea on a money amount for this item.
    Thank you..


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