Voiding warranties and breaking Glock parts


Previously I wrote about my new Surefire light.  I didn’t like the sharp crenelation on the bezel so I threw it in a lathe and turned them off.  I really like how it turned out.

Pretty sure I voided my warranty doing that, but very worth it.


Recently I had someone ask me if I had a spare Glock 19 locking block.  Of course I did.  Turns out that they had a broken locking block in their Gen 3 G19.

The owner of that Glock has realized that their trigger pin had broken.  They continued to use the pistol with the broken trigger pin for at least several thousand rounds.  When they were going to replace the broken pin, they found that the 3rd pin had bent and the locking block was broken.  The pistol functioned fine during this time.

My guess is that the broken trigger pin allowed the locking block to flex a little until it failed.  The pins and locking block were replaced and the pistol is back in action.

On that note, when reassembling a 3rd gen Glock, the slide stop goes in after the third (top) pin.  The trigger pin is the last pin installed.  Failing to do so can leave the slide stop spring in the wrong place causing it to not function or to prematurely lock the slide open.


    • I can’t stand glocks either myself. I think most modern guns will work as reliable as a glock with just slightly more care than you’d give a glock. I dont think all the stuff I hate about glocks is worth putting up with for reliabilty I can get from other guns with just the trouble of adding some more oil or cleaning once a year. But I’d never tell some one NOT to guy a glock if they wanted one

  1. Having not been inside a Gen 5 yet, I gotta wonder if maybe things would have gone so well. I’m a Glock fan but I don’t think they necessarily make the best decision all the time, deleting that third pin might bite them in the ass. Also haven’t heard much about a G5 in .40, the reason for the addition of said pin. The answer is somewhere on Glocktalk but that place annoys me too much to go digging for it. Iguess I’ll find out based on how fast Gen 6 comes out and whether the pin returns.

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