Message from Glock on Gen5s


Just received this  e-mail message from Glock at the Loose Rounds account. So, the Gen5  FBI based  G17M and G19M release rumors are now confirmed. I have had one of the Gen5 19s on hold for a few weeks now and will get a detailed review out as soon as its in my hand.

Now  just today several writers posted videos who were invited to Glock a few weeks ago to test the Gen5s  out.  You can check out a video of one below:

Of course you know we will get more detailed in stripping the firearm down as we did with the G42 and G43s.


Message bellow:

“This is a special time in the history of GLOCK.  On August 30, GLOCK, Inc. will be announcing the launch of our new G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5 pistols.  We wanted you to hear the news first, from us, before the general public finds out.

The G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5 pistols were inspired by the GLOCK M pistols used by the FBI and include many features the GLOCK community has been asking for.  There are over 20 design changes which differentiate our Gen5 pistols from their Gen4 predecessors, including a flared mag-well, a new nDLC finish, the GLOCK Marksman Barrel, ambidextrous slide stop levers, and a grip which has no finger grooves.

These pistols will be available at your favorite GLOCK dealer beginning August 30.  We hope you will go in to see them and try them.

Thank you for your continued support.”


  1. I used to run a G 34, but sold it and bought a Walther PPQ. The Walther is an easier gun to shoot well in my hands, as I found the grip fit my hand better and the trigger is easier to manipulate. Would like to try one of these guns, but if I get any more guns the law over here requires me to put in heavy duty security that I can’t afford.

    I look forward to a range report! 🙂

    • Hey man, would you mind writing up some words about what you think of the Army trying to field a 7.62 rifle to all troops and emailing it to me? Im gonna try to get some thoughts from most of the weaponsman comment section crew to put together for a post about it

  2. Please perform a detail strip of a Gen 5. The gun has been out for over a week and I can’t find one YouTube video or forum post showing a detail strip of the trigger group.

    Does the Gen 5 continue the Glock 42/43 style of trigger spring?


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