WTF Autoglove?


So I was just informed about the “Autoglove”.

Picture taken from their website, click on the picture to visit their website.

It is a glove with some sort of electronic plunger to press a firearms trigger for you quickly.

First, stuff like this goes to show how stupid our gun laws are.

Secondly, you have to be impressed with how the free market will come up with a solution to any perceived problem.

Third, I am very curious if this will actually be approved by the ATF or not.  Previously they did not allow for the electric actuating of triggers.

I wouldn’t recommend this thing to anyone.  I believe you would quickly see shooters lose control of weapons with it.  What we really need is this unconstitutional NFA act abolished so silly law work arounds would be unnecessary.


  1. Well,I have no use for it,my time much better spent working on basics and actually hitting where I want one shot at a time with thought between shots,hope to get as good with firearm as am with bow.

    I do remember reading some setups for hunting for folks with physical limitations,wonder if they include using say a electronic actuated trigger.

  2. I think it’s actually kinda neat. Why not have a device that allows some people to have some fun plinking. I also agree the laws shouldn’t arbitrarily restrict firearms configurations and then people wouldn’t need to come up with alternatives. If you fire a full auto machine gun you will have muzzle rise- same with this device. According to their website, this device simulates the effects of full auto ops. Looks kinda fun… and the FAQs explains how it’s legal.

  3. Chris,I agree,the laws are wrong and am not opposed to someone having another option for shooting,just for me working on basics and thus not for me.I would say am a little wary of a electronic trigger,am also wary of electronic accelerators for autos instead of cable but for most part seem to work fine.I would say if one using said glove besides all other basics like safe shooting/good backstop ect. try it a few times with new weapons with say 2 rounds to get used to it and make sure works correctly and you have the system down before full mag dumps ect.This perhaps would make a interesting article on say,some firearm blog,the blog owners get in touch with company and do a review!

    I will say every time I hear “Glove’ think back to the animation character glove in the Beatles Yellow Submarine Movie!


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