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I work at a company that makes a great product at a good price.  We pack our product individually in padded envelops in a cardboard box.  That is one thing I think is rather hokey and could be done in a way that would look a great deal more professional.  One of our competitors sold their product in a box with custom cut foam.  I think that made their product look to be high end.  Now they replaced that with shrink wrapping their product to a piece of cardboard.  Now that cheap, crappy looking, and is just annoying for the customer.

I recently made a purchase from Arms Unlimited.  They have some good prices and they are now also offering a knock off of the Norgon ambidextrous magazine catch for the AR15.

I was very disappointed when I received the parts I ordered loose in a USPS shipping bag.  The bolt carrier groups, gas tube, and forward assist that I ordered were all scratched up from rubbing against each other.  Not very impressive.

But, I did get what I needed, and with any luck I’ll have a review of the Arms Unlimited Norgon knockoff for you guys soon.


  1. It’s been years so forget the details but I remember a class discussing the aspects of packaging and its importance. One of those things that seems inconsequential but is pretty important.

    P.S. Has myself a Dr Pepper today for ‘Nose

    • Bap,was it a “diet” Dr. pepper?I am holding off till Hog in his final resting place in this life,will visit and there have me farewell drink.

      • No regular. I just can’t stomach the flavor of diet drinks. Wish I could have been there to hear the back story on dr pepper.

        • Bap,some tales and even a photo from Mike C that cover the (Diet)Dr. pepper a bit on last post on Weaponsman in the comments section.

          I will add one that was not there.SeemsKkevin bought a drop top black mint condition vette,brought to base and a team member saw him yank out his ruck with little care that caused him to wonder.His teammate later looked at vette,and some scratches where ruck hauled out,he also noticed in one of the cup holders a diet Dr. Pepper fused to said holder with spills from said beverage.
          On a note about article,will say all I and friends have ordered from have had our stuff packed well,that said,the products themselves were also of quality.I would rather a excellent product packed in last weeks newspaper then junk packed/packaged well,when you have both you are dealing with a company that wants you and your friends business long term.

  2. So not related but i got to play with a lafette tripod yesterday. Wish I knew where “Kirk” was so I could tell him. Haha

      • Whole shebang. The smile inducing apparatus was interesting to say the least. I didn’t have a chance to really inspect it since I was just dropping stuff off and the own dropped a “hey check this out”. Appears to be a cross between an Mg-42/mg-3. 42 parts but chambered in .308. Looks terrible but hey it worked.

  3. Cool,originally had no idea what you were referring to,looked it up,started a bit of reading on it.Seems the tripod themselves worth 4 figures in good shape,most seem to have Yugoslavia tags on em(after war and all).

    I will say in keeping with original post would be happy to have em send it to me in a crate with just crumpled up newspapers as packing.I will say even with a easy to get cartridge in one you mentioned really could not afford to shoot it much!

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