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4 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 2”

  1. I think some people tracked or at least theorized that a lot of the issues we’re inconsistentcies in M855. One round would perform just as expected in the media and then the very next round would “ice pick.”

    On that note, I think people get too hung up on just the caliber. Just look at how well mk262 does. It’s still “just a .22” but a damn nice one. Not that M855 is bad. And this being said I honestly could be talling out of ass because I don’t know 100%. Just stuff I’ve seen from other sources.

    • PS i think part of the issue was the loss of velocity out of the 14″ barrels vs the 20″. Sorry Im so hazy, it was a while ago.

      And totally agree with the annoyance of people thinking their ARs are no good past 300yrds. And the need to drop thousands into a rifle that will only be used on cans.

    • Not yet. We want to get a little better at making these before we increase distribution.
      Had my headset break so we have been delayed on getting the next episode out.


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