The Best of “Weaponsman” Part 1 (M16A1 Maintenance Survey in Vietnam)

As we reported last week and as everyone familiar with this website knows, our friend Kevin O’Brien, AKA “Hognose”, passed away. Kevin was a good friend of looserounds and  we often shared info back and forth for a variety of gun related topics.    Not 100 percent  sure that has will be available in the … Read moreThe Best of “Weaponsman” Part 1 (M16A1 Maintenance Survey in Vietnam)

Podcast Episode 2

I’m getting a little better at editing these, starting to get the hang of the Audacity program. In this episode we talk a little about the AR being a jack of all trades, and a little bit of competition shooting.

Kevin O’Brien ( AKA “Hognose” of ) Our Departed Friend

Tonight we learned something we had feared was coming over the last few days.  Kevin O’Brien,  known to most of his readers as Hognose, has passed away.  Kevin’s brother updated his brother’s website a few days ago with news that his brother was in bad condition in the hospital and gave an email address for … Read moreKevin O’Brien ( AKA “Hognose” of ) Our Departed Friend

Lesser known instructors.

Article submitted by Mark Hatfield. Update: I want to apologize to Doc Kibbey.   In my article regarding him I wrote that he did an event using Airsoft equipment.  That is not correct.  Doc was using and demonstrating UTM Non Lethal Training Ammunition and conversions.  It was very interesting.  This equipment allows the user to easily convert … Read moreLesser known instructors.