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Transfer complete.

Update, we are all transferred and up and running.

Everything should be up working right now.  Please let us know if you run into any issues with the site.

Just a quick heads up to our readers, LooseRounds.com will be moving to a new host sometime over the next week.  During this transition we may experience some downtime, but hopefully it will go smoothly.

Expect some interesting improvements afterwards.

Status Update:

We have had some delays in getting the move done.  Not sure exactly when it will happen, but it will happen.


3 thoughts on “Transfer complete.”

  1. Get an error msg in Firefox. Running Ghostery and AdBlockPlus.

    “Your connection is not secure…

    The owner of looserounds.com has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.”


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