When to throw away your Gun Lock


Depending on who you talk to, there are several first things you need to do, after bringing home your most recently purchased firearm. I am not going to get into all of the first thing options on what you can do. I mainly want to focus on the absolutely first things you should do.  In fact, if you can do this one thing before even leaving the new firearm purchaser location, you should throw the B.S. government regulated POS “safety Lock” in the trash. This will set you up to get a better, quick access safe or other security option.


This 90’s Clinton era requirement has done nothing to save or help anyone.  I would argue to say; if anyone has actually used one, it has probably done more harm than good.  Throw this POS lock in the trash immediately. I have purchased several firearms this year. I have dropped the ball and have an entire drawer full of these useless locks. I must now purge my drawer and throw these locks away.


Invest in a staged quick access safe, (https://looserounds.com/2012/08/03/gunvault-mini-and-multi-deluxe-safes/) or proper full sized safe (if you have several firearms). Never use this B.S. lock. If this particular new firearm, is your only family or personal protection firearm, never use the mandated/supplied lock, it is dangerous and can get people killed. You simply do not have the time to unlock it and prepare your firearm for a deadly force encounter. 


There are several other alternatives to locking the firearm in this manner and we encourage you to explore what works for you. Please get some firearms training for you and your family, teach your children (https://looserounds.com/2013/11/25/educating-children-on-firearms/),  find a quick access safe and throw this absolute waste of money/POS, dangerous item in the trash.




  1. I agree with the sentiment of your post. On the other hand, I have kept a lot of my cheap locks for duties that require a minimum of security. For example, keeping toddlers out of kitchen and work shop cabinets.

  2. You used waist (the area of the body where the torso and legs meet) instead of waste (garbage).

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  3. If you wouldn’t mind terribly…toss them in a Flat Rate USPS box and send them to me? I’d be happy to cover the shipping cost.

    Some shit about having to have them available for customers, and I don’t have spare capitol to buy a bunch of crap that’s just going to get tossed by my clients…call it recycling, and we can both pretend to “do something” about global warming…or some shit…

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