Launched Grapnel Hook


2016-04-30 18.19.00

2016-04-30 18.19.57

Here is something a little different.  It is a lightweight grapnel that can be launched from an AR15 using a blank.  While it is not sturdy enough to climbing, it was meant for uses like clearing out trip wires.

It looks like the company that made these is out of business, but it is such a simple design that a person with a lathe could easily reproduce it.


  1. I remember our infantry platoon from the 82nd in 1998 went to Germany and did CQB training in one of their urban training sites. We had several of these grappling hooks on hand that we used to fit onto our M4’s and fire them with a blank. They were used to pull through concertina wire to set off any booby traps. We ended up not taking our M4’s and were issued German weapons once we arrived. So one of our guys mounted this hook onto a G3A4 and fired it using a 7.62 blank. The distance was pretty impressive but was not repeated due to possible damage to government property. No one really wanted a statement of charges brought against them.

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