Inland MFG M1 Carbine & M1911 Mud& Frozen Water Torture Test

IF you have been reading us for the past 6 months you have seen the ongoing testing and review of the Inland MFG  M1911A1 and M1 carbine.  You can find the reviews using the search feature.  As an aside to those on going tests, today weather conditions gave us the chance to do little else … Read moreInland MFG M1 Carbine & M1911 Mud& Frozen Water Torture Test

Marcus Luttrell "Applauds" obama's Gun Laws

Marcus Luttrell, famous Navy SEAL, budding hollywood star ,noted Constitutional scholar and now liberal gun banners new best friend has recently  sounded off about obama’s new executive action  gun laws.  When asked about it, he responded to the reporter that “I applaud Obama for trying to do something” When asked about it by … Read moreMarcus Luttrell "Applauds" obama's Gun Laws


Article submitted by Mark Hatfield. Another good reason to always test your equipment, never trust anything until it has proven itself. Today, while working as a Range Safety Officer, late in the day, a couple arrived to test their guns.  Both had identical guns, a small five shot revolver, double action only, with a laser.  … Read moreLIFE SAVING EQUIPMENT, THAT FAILS.