Wolf Gray Color Comparison


Gray colored gear has become a bit of a thing lately for those looking for tactical gear that doesn’t give an overt military/LE feel.

But is all wolf gray created equal?  We’ve gotten a few pieces in to try out so we figured we’d do a color comparison.

Here we have a Blue Force Gear triple mag pouch in their wolf color along with a Emdom USA utility pouch in their SDU gray laying on top of an ATS Tactical RAID II pack in their wolf gray color.


Getting colors exactly correct can be a bit tricky over the internet as camera and monitor settings all play a part.  It may not completely come through in the photos but in person the RAID II pack gray has a strong green tint to its color, almost a foliage green.  The Blue Force Gear gray has a darker more blue tinted color.  The Emdom USA SDU gray has a more brown/tan tint to it.

For further comparison here are the above three pieces of gear along with a coyote brown mag pouch, an OD green canteen cover, a woodland camo buttpack, and an ACU mag pouch.