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How Many Keyboards can a 12 ga Slug Shoot Through?

By Andrew Betts

As gun owners, we often get wrapped around the axle about how serious guns are. It is true that they are inherently dangerous tools and it is true that, with proper training, a firearm makes a formidable defensive weapon, but they are also ridiculously fun to shoot. As fun as it is to shoot paper, clay, and steel, sometimes it is a real hoot to shoot other things, too.



Who knew that there was sheet metal and thick wires inside a new style membrane keyboard? Who would have thought a keyboard could stop a slug so quickly? This sort of “test” doesn’t really teach us anything we didn’t already know, but it does remind us that shooting is supposed to be fun.

If you are blessed to have access to places like this to shoot, though, please bring along a few trash bags and always leave the site cleaner than you find it.