New Colt LWT Commander


Got some pictures of the new Colt lightweight commander.   This will be the model that has replaced the XSE line.   The gun has the new dual recoil spring like the M45A1 MARSOC pistol and some grips I would love to be able to buy alone.

Sorry to say I do not have one on my hands currently for further testing yet but do hope to get a T&E model soon.

As you can see there are some obviously changes in aesthetics from the XSE line.  The  slide serration were the first thing to stick out at me.  I am liking the change over to the flat black trigger over the SS triggers from the past. Not a major issue but I like the look of the black trigger.   The scallop under the trigger seems to thankfully still be standard as well as the beaver tail S&A grip safety.  I do note that the XSE  ambi safety is not on this model. Personally I prefer an Ambi safety on all handguns and rifles that I intend for use other than plinking  goofing around with.   Of course that is easily changed and most swap even the ambis out with ambi models made more to their liking.

The commander hammer is  the same as the original. A lot of people prefer this hammer and its look.  I like it either way.   I do like the Novak sights though they are not in style anymore.