Sig Sauer SP2022-FDE 9mm

We have all known about the SIG Pro (SP) SP2022’s for several years but for some unexplained reason it is always forgotten.  I have always looked at getting one, because of their reputation, quality and very low price point. In the early 2000’s I owned the older SP2340 in .357sig, so I had some experience with the SIG Pro polymer framed guns. Recently the SP2022 has become even more competitively priced with added features. I could no longer pass the SP2022 up and when I ran across a deal on a SP2022 in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) I jumped on it, to get back into SIG SAUER’s. I have always liked the look , feel, and performance of the Classic Line of SIG SAUER handguns.

SP2022 FDE 9mm

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The end of the Rifleman?

Colt AR15A4

A couple of weekends ago I was firing my AR15A4 at the range.  During a cease fire I was thinking about all the comments I’ve heard since the USMC switched to the M4 and High Power allowing optics up to 4.5 power.

Invariably there were the assorted comments about marksmanship coming to an end with people just spraying and praying, so it got me thinking. . .
Didn’t marksman ship end when we moved away from real steel and wood rifles to these plastic & aluminum toys?
Or wasn’t supposed to end when we moved to those newfangled repeating rifles allowing people to waste rounds with rapid fire?
I mean, that magazine feed bolt action allowed a lousy shot to quickly waste another round, didn’t that spell the end of marksmanship?
Switching to those small caliber high velocity rounds meant people would shoot more to less effect, pumping all those wimpy .30 cals rounds out. SOURCE
That breach loading rifle let cowards hide behind cover and shoot faster instead of standing tall to fight the enemy with better aim and marksmanship.
Clearly marksmanship has been going downhill ever since conscripts were handed long arm firearms instead of being forced to practice with the bow.

Perhaps it is not the equipment, but the skill, mentality, and tactics of the individual that would make someone a rifleman.

New Colt LWT Commander

Got some pictures of the new Colt lightweight commander.   This will be the model that has replaced the XSE line.   The gun has the new dual recoil spring like the M45A1 MARSOC pistol and some grips I would love to be able to buy alone.

Sorry to say I do not have one on my hands currently for further testing yet but do hope to get a T&E model soon.

As you can see there are some obviously changes in aesthetics from the XSE line.  The  slide serration were the first thing to stick out at me.  I am liking the change over to the flat black trigger over the SS triggers from the past. Not a major issue but I like the look of the black trigger.   The scallop under the trigger seems to thankfully still be standard as well as the beaver tail S&A grip safety.  I do note that the XSE  ambi safety is not on this model. Personally I prefer an Ambi safety on all handguns and rifles that I intend for use other than plinking  goofing around with.   Of course that is easily changed and most swap even the ambis out with ambi models made more to their liking.

The commander hammer is  the same as the original. A lot of people prefer this hammer and its look.  I like it either way.   I do like the Novak sights though they are not in style anymore.

Mystery CHICOM Pistol Dug Up In Vietnam

The firearm pictures was dug up in Vietnam recently at the famous scene of one of France’s biggest  disasters.  A local Vietnamese man found it at Dien Bien Phu.  Anyone  who is familiar with a variety of older foreign pistols will see what appears to be examples from several all  jungle workshoped together.  Better examples of this ..model?..   can be found online else where.  Forgotten weapons being the first and best place to look.  Though it is rare to see one with known combat experience.

Pictures of pistol provided to me by a Vietnamese friend who got them from the owner. Obviously firearms are illegal in Vietnam so I can provide no further details.