Getting ready for a shooting class.


A few tips for getting ready for a shooting class.

First look at the required equipment list, the items listed there are probably good to bring.

Water/Electrolyte drinks. Many instructors will provide water but it is good to bring your own. Better to have too much in your vehicle, than not enough.

Lunch/snacks. I made the mistake of buying some chocolate power bars at a gas station, they all melted in the Florida heat. Your snacks or lunch need to be able to keep well during the class.

Ammo and mags. Often a pistol class will require 3 pistol magazines. If you have more than that, it can be rather helpful. It is also good to bring more ammo than recommended just in case you get to do more drills or practice then expected.

Slings for rifles, holsters for pistols. It is good to have a place to put your firearm when your not actively shooting.

If you need any supplies, order it early. I wanted to replace my old holster for the last class I took, so I ordered a holster about a month before the class. Unfortunately I did not receive the holster in time for the class.

Protection from the elements. Be ready for rain, mud, sun, etc. Last class I took I skipped the sunscreen and got badly sunburned because of that. Don’t make my mistake.

Show up early, and ready to learn.