Why I choose to carry concealed in an open-carry state


By Catherine Lindsay

As of writing this article (07/11/15), 45 states currently allow open-carry of handguns. I live in one of these states, but I choose to carry concealed. Here’s why:

*You will eventually become a victim of a crime.
I live in a city of 678,000 residents. Not all of those residents are law-abiding citizens. By open-carrying, I am saying to certain evil guys “Hey, come rob me!”. Would you paperclip four $100 bills to your hip & walk down the street? If not, why would you do so with a gun, which on the street, can be flipped in 15 minutes for cash?

*Unwanted Interaction with Law Enforcement.

To those who don’t live the self-defense lifestyle, they may not know it’s legal to open-carry (I have had converstions with these people). These are the people who hate guns, whether on a good guy or evil guy. All they see is the gun. The phone call to 911 may sound like this, “There’s a guy walking down the street with a gun! Hurry!!”. Now, any gun call is going to have top priority, so you will get stopped by the police. Do you really want to be stopped every 10 minutes?

*Lunatic Fringe
This incident http://www.abqjournal.com/7302/abqnewsseeker/melee-breaks-out-over-gun-at-west-side-garcias.html ended with no one hurt, but what if the lunatic had shot incident bystanders? The person who brought the gun into the restaurant (already breaking the law by carrying openly in a liquor establishment) is responsible for the securement of his weapon. Had the lunatic killed someone, the gunowner could have been charged with felony murder.

*Element of Surprise
I like the idea that no one knows I have on a gun but me. I am a small woman & look like a hippy, the last person evil guys would think is carrying, but more likely to be targeted. Surprise!!

It is your right to carry how you choose. Train, carry & be safe