Glock G43 Stripped Vs. G42 Internals


Last year with the release of Glock 42, Loose Rounds was one of the first to get out a completely stripped down look at it. We have had to wait a little while to get the new single stack 9mm G43, as it is probably the most awaited single stack 9mm in history. Now that we have it, let’s strip it all the way down and compare the parts.

The new G43 has several unique, redesigned, internal components that are very different from all other Glock’s.  You can see it is a 2 pin design, like the old Gen2 Glock’s, with a Gen4 magazine release and stippling identical to the G42.  I have completely stripped this G43 to give you an idea of what the new internal parts are. The Slide and Frame are obviously different between the two fireams ,but when completely stripping the G43, you will notice some of the parts are similar to the G42.  In-fact some of the internal parts are the same as the G42, but not all.  While I will not go into a complete tutorial on how to strip your Glock down, it is not extremely difficult and you can learn how to properly do it with some quality research.

G43 Disassembled

When stripping the G43 completely down, pay close attention to the parts that are significantly different in their design and placement in the G43, compared to the traditional larger Glock Models. Also if you have a G42 make sure you are very familiar with what parts are compatible with the G43 and which ones are not. Below are several pictures of a completely stripped G43, the new internal parts and parts that are shared with the G42.


G43 Lower Parts

Frame Pins:

The front Trigger Pin is slightly larger, as the frame is wider, and is marked differently in the G43. The G42 pin has two circle cuts where the Slide Stop Lever engages the pin. The rear Trigger Housing Pin, interestingly, appears to be the same as the G42 pin.

Frame Pins (G42 right), (G43 left)

Locking Block:

The Locking Block appears to be the same as in the G42. They fit in both of the firearms.

Locking Block (G42 right), (G43 left)

Slide Stop Lever:

The Slide Stop Lever looks almost identical as in the G42, but you can see the spring tabs on the G43 Slide Stop are different. Also, The shape of the them is slightly different on the angle bars above the spring and they do have different part numbers. I found they worked in both firearms even though they have differences. I also have a G42 Vickers Slide Stop Lever and it works in both firearms but the Vickers is very loose in the G43. Im not sure I would bet my life on it working, so I would wait for the Vickers to come out in a G43 specific configuration.

Slide Stop Lever (G42 top), (G43 bottom)

Trigger Mechanism Housing w/ Ejector & Connector:

The Trigger Mechanism Housing (TMH) with Ejector and Connector, are identical to that of the G42. All the part numbers on the TMH and the Ejector are the same.

Trigger Mechanism Housing G42/G43
Trigger Mechanism Housing G42/G43

Trigger Spring:

The Trigger Spring parts, from what I can tell they appear to be the same part as in the G42.

Trigger Spring (G42 right), (G43 left)

Magazine Release:

The Magazine Release is slightly larger in the G43. The frame is just a little wider and the Magazine Release has a different part number.  These parts are not compatible between the two firearms.

Magazine Release (G43 top), (G42 bottom)

Trigger Bar:

The Tigger Bar is longer in the G43 and the part numbers are different.  Unfortunately it is not compatible with the G42. I was hoping they would be the same as I absolutely hate Glock serrated triggers and I was hoping to swap it out to the G42 smooth trigger.

Trigger Bar (G42 top), (G43 bottom)
Trigger Shoe (G42 top), (G43 bottom)

Slide Lock:

The Slide Lock is slightly larger in the G43. The frame is just a little wider and the Slide Lock has a different part number.  The Slide Lock Spring appears to be the same part.

Slide Lock (G42 top), (G43 bottom)


G43 Slide/Upper Parts

Barrel & Recoil Spring Assembly:

Obviously the Barrel and Recoil Spring are larger on the G43.

Barrel (G42 top), (G43 bottom)
Barrel (G42 left), (G43 right)
Recoil spring (G42 top), (G43 bottom)

Slide Cover Plate:

The Slide Cover Plate is slightly larger on the G43. The plates will fit in each slide, but the G43 Plate is taller and does not match up with the inside of the slide on the G42, making reassembly of the slide and frame impossible.

Slide Cover Plate (G42 left ), (G43 right)

Firing Pin Safety:

The Firing Pin Safety is completely different on the G43 vs G42, it is larger. Again it can only go in one way. The smaller notch on the left side of Firing Pin Safety faces the Firing Pin.  The Firing Pin Safety Spring  appears to be the same part.

Firing Pin Safety (G42 left), (G43 right)

Firing Pin Assembly:

The Firing Pin assembly is very interesting. Some parts are the same as the G42 and others are not. The Spring Cups and Firing Pin Spring appear to be identical to the G42. The Firing Pin and the Channel Liner are clearly larger.

Firing Pin Assembly (G43 top), (G42 bottom)
Firing Pin / Channel Liner
Firing Pin Springs
Spring Cups

Extractor Depressor Plunger:

The Extractor Depressor Plunger Rod is larger on the G43, but the Depressor Plunger Spring and the Spring Loaded Bearing appear to be identical as the G42s.


The Extractor is slightly larger and has a different part number on the G43. It is extremely hard to tell the size difference visually, but the G43 Extractor is wider than the G42s.

Extractor (G42 top) (G43 bottom)

Final Note:

If you are not a Glock Armorer, Gunsmith or you are very unfamiliar with stripping your Glock down; I would not recommend any disassembly past regular field strip maintenance. Most people will have no need to break the firearm down to this level. A few of the G43 parts look identical or are the same parts in the G42, but several are also newly designed/beefed up for the larger 9mm G43.  Hopefully this answered some of the questions out there about compatibility of parts with the G42 and G43.


For more information on how the parts fit in the single stack Glocks, see the link below. 

Link: Glock G42 Stripped / New Internals


  1. Would the trigger (Only)be the same. They look exactly the same on the trigger bar picture. I have to get the serrated trigger off my 43. I sanded the rough off but after having a 42 I want the smooth trigger. I can order the 42 trigger bar complete for 12 bucks if I knew it would work. Thanks.

  2. What you call the “Channel Spacer” is actually the “Spacer Sleeve”. The channel spacer is a completely different part.

    It would be interesting if someone would use a trigger pull gauge to measure the firing pin force of the G42 and G43. That’s done by using a loop of wire with the firing pin lug and the TP gauge’s arm in the loop. When the gauge is pulled until the wire loop has pulled the FP lug almost as far to the rear as possible, the gauge will show the FP force at the point that the trigger bar would normally release the FP lug.

  3. Nice job. Interesting comparison. I’d love to see the pictures from this post. They’re all dead links at the moment. 🙁 I’m curious about the weight of the slides on the two guns and also if the G42 spring will fit on a G43.

    • Thank you. Yes several articles have the photos down from when we upgraded the site. I will work on putting new pics up. No the main spring is different and is not compatible between the two.

    • Wes, there is no way to convert it to 9mm. The g42 platform is too small. If you look at the g43 or g43x clearly it is a slightly larger firearm. The chamber is significantly larger for the 9mm casing and the slide is beefed up slightly to handle the larger pressures. Hope this helps you, if you really want the single stack Glock in 9mm you need to get the g43 or g43x.

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