Shawn’s Best of 2014 Picks


Here we are. at the end of all things.  So that can only mean its time for my year end  “best of ”  list for 2014.   The list includes not just products new to this year, but also anything new to me.  It could have been made longer ago, but I laid hands on it this year for testing.




First up, but not necessarily in the top position, is the Comp-tac leather gun belt.  This thing is super tough and durable, comfortable and looks great any time. It does not roll or wear out and holds up two 1911s and spare magazines with no problem.  I love it and wear it constantly.



When a friend of Looserounds bought the FN A3 AUG and brought it down for testing, it was immediately obvious what a great gun it is.  So much better than the Tavor I loathe in every way in my opinion,. It is accurate, easy to shoot and the improvements on it make it a lot better for modern fighting than the original was.  Easy to mount red dot sights and lights, it balances great and is fast to handle.  It down side is it gets hot on a few places and its easy to burn yourself  But it was very tough and reliable as well as accurate enough for hits at 500 yards using the T1.  Anything else is a training issue.  Its a great gun and the ONLY bullpup I would consider owning.




The Bravo Concealment Kydex mag pouches.  I paid for these full price to review and I was not let down. They fit tight against the body and hold that mags just right even the longer 10 round mags.  I simply love them.  I get a little giddy just thinking about them,.  While I would not say they are the same level as Dark Star Gear Kydex, they are still outstanding.  DSG custom makes all his kydex, so you know you are going to get a little more refined piece of gear, but I  now use Bravo Concealment stuff  along with my DSG gear.   Get some soft loops from DSG and  got for a major upgrade to the BC gear, though its not something needed.   Despite morons and fakes on youtube who shill Bravo Concealment, it really is great stuff.



The Leupold 18x .  It is everything right in the world. I adore it,




The Colt M45A1 CQBR  or  the USMC 1911 MARSOC.   Superb.  If you said to yourself, “self, I only want one 1911, and I want it to do everything I want it to do, be the perfect combat 1911, be as accurate as a milspec pistol can be and and last forever”  Then this would be the one to get.  You can read the review to see just how great it is.  Everyone who has seen or touched it  loves it.  We adore it.  I would kick a homeless child if it meant  being able to use this gun.  It is a real COLT Milspec 1911 and it has all the advantageous that entails. There is nothing bad I can say about this gun.

001 002


The Barnes TAC-X PD.  185 grain +P  45 ACP round using the solid copper hollow points I use in rifles and pistols.  It is super accurate in the guns I have shot it through and  has a greatly diminished muzzle flash.  I have used the similar loading from Corbon,and love it.  This has all the benefits of the corbon  and with less flash and a coating on the solid copper round that I admit having no idea what it does.  It is a great self defense load in my opinion. It is pricey though, but it is your life

001 - Copy


The new Colt 901 M.A.R.C. modular railed  7.62 battle carbine. It is as accurate as the LE901 and lighter.  You can put rail where you want, when you want or not use it at all for a nice slim fore arm.   You can read the review from earlier this year and see how it shot all the way to 1,000 yards.   The review is still on going, but its already  a favorite. Maybe even taking the top position for 2014.

There are a lot of other things I liked this year. But, most of it is things I tried already a few years old. The things above are the ones that really stood out and are also new this year or at least still fairly new.



The Big Let Downs



Had a few things this year. but I am going to keep it to just three since they are major let downs and one will generate enough hate mail to keep us busy until this time 5 years from now.




The Thompson Auto Ord, semi auto   carbine.  It is pure garbage. Just junk.  I would have stuck it into the ground to see if it would grown something useful, but I was afraid it would blight the land.  You can read the review of it from earlier this year of course,  Use the search bar to find it or any other review.



The much hyped and vaunted H&K 417 AKA  MR 762.   I already did the full review you can find on the website.  But a few fast and dirty points.   It was not all that accurate for a gun called the MR ( match rifle) and thats not big deal. But, I had trouble making hits on a man’s chest sized target at 350 yards using a Leupold optic, bipods, a rear bag and match ammo.   it was not  the utter reliable super gun HK wants you to think it is.  It had multiple problems with feeding and reliability  and   Its hard as hell to control. The piston beats you to death and it is very difficult for any kind of accurate fast shooting at CQB ranges.  It is really heavy as well. a symptom of its piston, extra parts and caliber, but others in this class still handle great. It did not.


And with the HK, is the Trijicon SRS on the gun.  It is everything bad you have heard all over the internet. I had high hopes. It is a Trijiccon after all. But it just sucks.  If you want a RDS, get a T-1.



That’s it for this year, unless I forgot something I will add to the list later on.  I know some will be mad as a wet hen over the HK, but it is what it is. This is a website that offers opinion so if you don’t like it, you will just have to deal.   Thanks for reading this year, we will have plenty more in 2015.