Colt Defender vs. Glock G26 Size Comparison



While taking a break from testing the new Colt 901 Shawn and I put his Colt Defender and my Glock G26 together for a quick comparison.

Colt lists the Defender as having a 3″ barrel, with an overall length of 6.75″ and weighing in at 24 oz.  Glock lists the G26 as having a 3.42″ barrel, an overall length of 6.49″ and weighing in at 21.7 oz.

Having held both you don’t notice the 2.3 oz. difference between the two and the Defender feels more balanced in the hand while the Glock comes off more muzzle heavy.







Note that while the G26 has a shorter grip, with the finger grove extension on the mag, they are very similar in grip length.  I consider the extension a non negotiable necessity on the subcompact Glocks so I’d call this a wash.




With the rubber Hogue grips installed on the Defender, grip width is very similar.




Slide is slightly narrower on the Defender…




and with a much more rounded profile.






  1. How reliable is that little 1911? My wife really wants one but I have always heard that anything shorter than a Commander length is terribly unreliable.

  2. Timing is everything. I had been looking at a Colt Defender on the net for a couple of months and couldn’t convince my LGS to get one without commitment even though they were available. I started diverting my attention to Glocks and wondered what all the hoopla was about. The 26 Gen 4 looked interesting so I asked the clerk at my LGS to check availability and the were not available from distributors at the time. Then he said wait a minute and checked the safe, lo and behold they had one in stock. A couple of days later I purchased it with an order for 3 Pearce finger extensions and decided to wait to fire it until they came in. To shorten the story, the more I handled the baby Glock I realized buyers remorse and took it back to the LGS and I am now waiting for my Defender to arrive. Your comparison, that I stumbled across, makes me confident in my decision as I could not handle them side by side myself. Thanks, it was very helpful.

    Stay safe, John

  3. I have both of those, but a Glock 27 instead. I ended up selling both eventually but have always hated the finger extension on subcompacts. I solved my issue an picked up a Springfield EMP which fits the bill just right!


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