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Time to take a second and turn back the page of time for a bit. If you have followed us for any amount of time, you have heard the name Unertl. A long gone very high quality rifle scope maker. The optics  were the best made for the time.  Unerlt was the maker of the 10x scope the USMC used on the M40A1 and some are still in use.


This is a picture of the best of their day.   John Unertl, is second from left in the top row. He is the gentlemen with the tie and mustache. He stands among the top placing winner and all of those worthies are well known shooter, handloaders, experimenters  and industry people of the day. the man holding the target is Harvey Donaldson, a man mush responsible for bench rest shooting and a lot of the accuracy improvements we enjoy today.  All use Mr. Unertl’s precision optics on their winning rifles.

UnertlScope6A Pi

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