If you follow are Facebook page, you will have known for a few weeks I was getting the new Colt 901 variant from Colt Firearms for T&E.  The new gun is the 901 M.A.R.C.   It is a modular rail carbine.   It has all the same features standard on the LE901 but with a few perks and upgrades for those who want more than the quad rail.

The rail on the new guns is of course still monolithic, but this time it is modular.


The piece came with four sections of MILSPEC rails sections to bolt onto any section of the rail if it is something you want to do.


I bolted on a couple for first impression pictures and in anticipation of what I will be doing with it later.  I know already I will be shooting it to 1,000 yards so I installed a section for bipods.   I also installed a side piece for a light.


The forearm is smooth and feels very, very good on the hand.  It is hard to describe just how well this new 901 balances and feels in the hand. The gun is lighter than the first model and it shows in handling.  Really. It is a wonder how well it feels. Its easy to forget it is a 7.62 rifle.


Even with optic on it, to me, it really feels like all you want to do is run it like its your M4.

The gun is already a big hit with me. And I really dig the modular rail.


This is just my first thoughts on the rifle and of course, only the first part of the full review. I will be doing a full T&E of this gun just like the LE901.  The gun will be shot for accuracy at 100 yards and I will shoot it out to 1,000 and possibly 1,200 yards just like before. Also there will be more pictures of the gun and its parts.   So check back in over the weeks to see the fuller review and testing of this rifle to come.


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