Houlding Precision Firearms Muzzle Brakes


Believe it or not, despite all the challenges we have to face as firearms owners in this beautiful yet crazy state of ours, some truly great firearm companies are in the Golden State, such as Houlding Precision Firearms located in Madera, California.

While chatting with these folks about their family run business on social media and at SHOT Show, I learned that they were very likeable and like-minded people.

I finally had the chance to mount a couple of their muzzle devices to a couple of my rifles and give them whirl. First let me quickly cover the specs on the two brakes they offer.


HPF-15 Curse Muzzle Brake

  • Dual Chamber
  • 60 degree, off-set porting to prevent muzzle from rising
  • Smaller Ports to prevent muzzle blast on firing line
  • CNC Machined for precision
  • 1/2-28 RH
  • Melonite finish
  • Laser Engraved
  • Designed for competition shooting
  • Very effective muzzle brake and flash reduction
  • Bottom side of brake has 60 degree arc with no porting to prevent dust signature when shooting prone


HPF-15 Irish Curse Muzzle Brake

  • Identical to Curse EXCEPT shorter
  • Additional top port to compensate for smaller size
  • Single Chamber



Upon mounting the first thing I noticed aesthetically was the full size Curse brake was a little longer than I typically like, but I would later learn that attribute does give it better recoil mitigation. Otherwise the thing just looks badass especially with its claws on the muzzle crown.


The Curse is designed to not only mitigate muzzle climb and felt recoil, but to also suppress flash signature, which many brakes on the market fail dramatically to do. We noticed while shooting that there was far less concussion to a shooting partner or bystanders than many other competition focused muzzle brakes out there.


The Irish Curse, which is the shortened single chamber version of the Curse, also performed very well and made shooting a more enjoyable experience over a standard flash hider. While it didn’t mitigate muzzle climb quite as much as the standard size device, it was a barely noticeable difference. Plus I like the shorter profile of the Irish Curse for my personal taste.


[wpvideo o5HRFqwb]

*Quick video I took on my phone.

All in all these muzzle devices made it a much more enjoyable experience over shooting with the standard A2 flash hider on and more importantly made followup shots much faster. It’s nice to your reticle stay relatively on target as opposed to jumping off target completely and having to reacquire with every shot. And at just over $100 for the Curse and only $80 for the Irish curse, they are far more competitively priced than most devices out there that perform similar.


Houlding Precision Firearms also offers handguards, billet uppers and lowers, and high quality complete rifles as well. I’ll put a link to their website and contact info below, and if you get a chance to contact them, be sure to ask Todd the story behind their awesome Bee logo. I can’t wait to see what they have in the works for 2015!


Houlding Precision Firearms2980 Falcon Drive Madera, CA. 93637



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