Peacemaker (Korea vest review) ROK Police/Urban Plate Carrier And Equipment


        In keeping with our opening up for  submissions from guest writers, from other countries, today we have a review of a vest/carrier from Janet Chan.  Janet has her own facebook and forum where she reviews tactical products for everyone.  Today she has written a review of a South Korean ( ROK) Police Tactical Plate Carrier with its supplemental pouches and gear. The vest is currently used by the South Korean police force SWAT teams and is popular around the area with Paintball, Airsoft and sabage players.    

By Janet Chan





I was in Korea for vocation the  last 2 weeks, and  by a chance, I got a PeaceMaker Vest from one of my Korean  friends” Mr. Bin Chang”. A big THANKS to him, he is a really kind and mindful person. He gave me the Vest with the full amount of accessories. I’ve made a detail review for this product. The Vest is made of  Cordura 500D water repellent material with Mesh lining. Shoulder strap comes with abrasion resist material and detachable cushion pads for more comfort and help with weight

I found that the vest is really functional with many practical Magazine pouches, utilitiy pouches, bags etc. It is a good comfortable fit for user even  with  fully loaded gear. If you prefer something handy, all pouches and magazine holders can be detached. but size is little too big for female. For Male, I think this is really good and looks good as well. I also learn that Korea S.W.A.T team is currently using  the PEACEMAKER Tactical plate carrier as well and clearly it is set up for police and urban operations.

Brand name : PEACE MAKER (Korea)
Material : Cordura 500D (WaterProof)
Lining : Mesh



On Front :
Three Magazine Pouches  ( triple shingle )with adjustable String bungee closures. It will  fit for M4, AR/M16, SCAR, AUG or AKs
Two Magazine Pouches with velcro closure  made  for Hand Gun Magazines. the pouches will fit single or double stack magazines for semi auto pistols.   The top front of the vest is covered with PALS webbing and soft velcro for attaching patches or IR tabs etc.  The inside cut is made to hold the rifle plates made to the same cut as the SAPI/ ESAPI style and allows for easier movement of the arms and shoulders when shooting,



On Shoulder :
Cushion Pad with Loops : For Radio Antena , Map that can be threaded to so they are secured and out of the way and not sticking in your face or catching on anything around you.


The pouches have the versatility for a variety of rifle magazines as said above. The carrier portion  looks the size to hold small to medium ESAPI plates and soft armor for protection. The sides will also hold soft armor or  be able to attach side ESAPI’s via the  PALS webbing.


The vest closes via velcro in the front in the same manner of plate carriers of this type, much liek the TAG Banshee or any like it.

On the  right (Outer) sections of the cumber bun  :
One Utility Pouch/ General purpose with Zipper opening
One Magazine Pouch with  bungee string and button closure : fit for Hand Gun Magazine
On Wearer Right (Inner) :
Mesh Side Bag



On Wearer Left (Outer) :
One Bigger Size Utility Pouch with Zipper Opening
One Magazine Pouch with string and button closure : fit for Hand Gun Magazine
On Wearer Left (Inner) :
Mesh Side Bag



On Back :
One Bigger Size Utility Pouch with Buckle Closure. This pouch can be used for a small assault pack or more likely it was intended to hold a gas mask. The pouch can hold water, rain jacket or any support gear you may need.  The rear of the cumber bun is the typical adjustable model with bungee cord to adjust it for size and fit. This is a flexible system though not always the fastest or most quite.



Where to Buy :


You can read more from Janet by following her links below.












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