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  1. Oh Jesus now i have the urge to try a 9MM colt SBR. Anyone have experience with the platform? I know they are past their prime with the better 5.56 loads, but they seem like a good platform for new shooters since the concussion would be lessened compared to the 5.56

    • The 9mm AR15 is a whole lotta fun.

      Sometimes they can be finicky. In the past getting good mags has been an issue. Also due to more reciprocating mass, I think it feels like it has more recoil than a 5.56 AR15.

      I would suggest trying a non SBR 9mm AR15, and if you like it, then going the SBR route.

      Also, I would not suggest a heavy barrel on one. When I went from a 16 inch Colt lightweight 9mm barrel to a 10.X inch RRA heavy barrel it felt like the whole gun got heavier.


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