Kinetic Concepts Tactical, MOLLE-Link Holsters


I am always on the lookout for unique, quality gear. When it comes to Kydex gear, it is hard to come up with unique and initiative designs, as it has pretty much been done already. As with everything new and unique I find, I just happen to stumble upon it. This was the case with Kinetic Concepts Tactical (KCT) A recent industry contact at, (Crusader Weaponry), pointed KCT to my attention, specifically their MOLLE-Link Holsters.  I thought to myself; ok another kydex holster maker, except something was very different about the new design and their product approach. The MOLLE-Link holster is another, Why didn’t I think of that?, product.  As I looked closer at KCT, I found they were really interested in making an affordable, quality, functional and reliable Kydex holster. They also have the support and infrastructure in place, not to go out of business, as we have seen with countless small Kydex businesses. KCT is not just a Kydex gear maker.  They make several firearm related products and have an active blog.  They are shooters, interested in training and gear that works.

Kinetic Concepts Tactical MOLLE-Link Holsters
Kinetic Concepts Tactical MOLLE-Link Holsters

Now, KCT is not going to win any detailed, up-close, smooth finished edge awards, but that is their intentional approach. The KCT holsters have a very utilitarian look and feel. You can tell they are workhorse holsters meant to be used and function was the main thought when producing them. KCT does just enough finish edge work on the kydex to make it functional but keep the price down. When I say keep the price down, I really mean keep the price down. I was actually shocked at the low price when I contacted the owner to purchase several holsters. As I spoke with the owner and started to receive holsters, I found the KCT was a true custom Kydex maker. I gave KCT some feedback and wanted this feedback incorporated into another holster. KCT was happy to listen to me and within a few days I received another holster, built just for my specific needs.

MOLLE-Link Concept:

As I stated above, KCT makes several products but I wanted to concentrate on the MOLLE-Link holsters and gear. I have been looking for Kydex holsters to affix to chest rigs and plate carriers for several years. Most places had bulky, intricate, clips and attachment points for holsters to attach to MOLLE webbing. KCT has completely done away with any extra attachment gear and produced Kydex gear with cuts to attach the holster directly to MOLLE webbing.

Multi-Cam Reverse cant MOLLE-Link Holster w/G19
Multi-Cam Reverse cant MOLLE-Link Holster w/G19
Vertical FDE MOLLE-Link Holster w/G19
Vertical FDE MOLLE-Link Holster w/G19

This allows the KCT holsters to quickly be attached and removed from your MOLLE compatible gear. This also provides a very low profile / smooth contour, when added to your plate carrier, chest rig, or other MOLLE gear.


The MOLLE-Link cuts in the holsters will fit any mil-spec MOLLE or PALS webbing.  Attaching the MOLLE-Link is very easy. KCT provides a photo on their site, showing you how to attach the holster.  This photo utilizes a set of needle nose pliers to manipulate the MOLLE webbing into the MOLLE cuts in the holster. I found, I could actually do this without a set of pliers and just pinched the webbing with my fingers to slide the webbing into the cuts in the holster. KCT has also kept the traditional eyelets, on the MOLLE-Link holsters.  This allows you to use the eyelets with paracord or other eyelet attachments you may want to use with Kydex holsters.

KCT Install/Removal
KCT Install/Removal

KCT Kydex is thick quality Kydex. I found the holsters secured the firearm very well and provided the right balance of retention and flexibility for drawing and holstering the firearm. KCT offers numerous Kydex colors and patterns with their holsters.  The look/appearance of the Kydex itself is excellent. The finished edges of the KCT gear is where you might have some issues, and I am really nit picking here, but as I stated earlier, this is where the savings come in.  The finished edges are just good enough not to be an issue. There are no sharp or jagged edges to worry about. This minimal, yet functional edging keeps the production price way down. If you have to have that amazingly smooth, time consuming, finished edge, just use your dremel or buffing wheel to finish the edges out to your liking.

Once attached, I found the MOLLE-Link holsters had no slipping, sliding or movement. The MOLLE-Link system is extremely secure. The MOLLE-Link system is also very slim, keeping the holster smooth and close fitting.  I mounted several of the MOLLE-Link holsters to my TAG Marine Gladiator rig. The fit was perfect with the TAG webbing.

KCT MOLLE-Link Mounted Rear View
KCT MOLLE-Link Mounted Bottom View
KCT MOLLE-Link Mounted Front View

KCT also makes a MOLLE-Link Mini holster, for smaller weapons. The Mini uses one (1) MOLLE webbing cut on each side of the holster instead of two (2). This gives you the ability to mount a more compact firearm on MOLLE gear. Since the Mini uses only one (1) row of webbing, you can adjust the angle you would like the holster to affix to your gear. The Mini is also ideal for use on a carry belt that has one row of MOLLE webbing around it. I found it to be as secure as the full size MOLLE-Link. On one of my carry belts it had absolutely no play or movement on the belt.

Glock G42 MOLLE-Link Mini
Glock G42 MOLLE-Link Mini
G42 Mini on Volund Gearworks ATLAS Belt
G42 Mini on Volund Gearworks ATLAS Belt

MOLLE-LINK Accessories:

KCT only had MOLLE-Link holsters at the time I contacted them. They are working on numerous other MOLLE-Link accessory pouches, to have complete sets of MOLLE attaching gear to go with the MOLLE-Link holsters. Soon, KCT will be offering different Battle Belt sets available for purchase, that come with a MOLLE-Link holster. You can then purchase and set up additional MOLLE-link pouches to set your Battle Belt up to your liking.

KCT Battle Belts
KCT Battle Belt Accessories

Final Thoughts:

Since KCT came out with the MOLLE-Link design, a few other companies have jumped on the unique MOLLE-Link feature.  These companies are offering their version of the holster at or above the 100 dollar mark, for a single holster. KCT wanted to make Kydex gear that was extremely functional, yet still very reliable, while not breaking your bank. This will allow you to set up a complete set of compatible gear on your Battle Belt or other MOLLE gear, without spending hundreds of dollars. After running several of the KCT kydex gear, KCT has achieved this goal of producing a rugged, functional and built to be used product. If you want direct MOLLE attaching Kydex gear, the KCT MOLLE-Link products are for you. I will definitely be getting more.


You can purchase KCT MOLLE-Link gear at the following links from KCT or Crusader Weaponry.




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