Colt logo Bulldog Rifle Case


A few months ago Colt was running a promotion where they would send a free soft rifle case upon receipt of proof of purchase of a new Colt rifle that was bought within a specified time period. As I had recently purchased a Colt 6720 I happily emailed Colt my invoice. They advised it could be up to a twelve week wait however I received my case in nine weeks.


The case is made for Colt by Bulldog Cases and features the Colt logo prominently embroidered on the front of the case as well as Colt stamped zipper pulls. The particular case I received is the 35” model sized for 16” Carbines with collapsing stocks. It’s a snug fit on a 16” gun with the stock fully closed so a 16” AR with a fixed stock or an AR with any longer of a barrel would be a no go. It does however have room to allow for optics.



The case also features a zipper pocket and four individual mag pouches on one side and a over the shoulder carry strap on the other.


IMG_4296I’m guessing the yellow lining is to aid in finding small items in the pocket.


IMG_4290The built in mag pouches are quite deep and will accommodate mags with the original rubber Magpul pulls or their Ranger Plates.


Build quality is decent and about what I would expect from a case that normally retails for around $45. The foam padding compresses rather easily and I question how much protection it would really provide. The stitching is also a little suspect in some areas.

I would consider it a good case to transport a rifle from the safe to the range and back again. For a working gun that may be exposed to a variety of conditions or bounced around in a vehicle for long periods of time I would invest in something more substantial.


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