Video: Larry Vickers on SOCOM weapon clones.


Larry Vickers posted up a nifty eight minute video about some of the copies of US SOCOM firearms available.

Unfortatly he only covers some of the ones made by High Caliber Sales(HCS).  I purchased a HCS MK12MOD1 upper and had to return it due to the multiple issues it had.  Also they have started using Bolt Carrier Groups that are not staked, cheaper non-Colt receiver, etc.  I can not recommend High Caliber Sales due to my bad experience with them.

The supply of MK12 parts is drying up.  If you want one, it will be better to get it sooner rather than later.  Items like the correct handguards (for both the MK12MOD0 and the MK12MOD1) are getting much harder to source.


  1. You may want to update your statement as I do have a current HCS upper and the bcg did come staked. And I am pretty sure this is a Colt receiver…different forge markings than my 1973 SP1, but Colt has used various forges over the years as well.

  2. People have received crap from Colt. I got a SCAR17 from FN with a canted barrel (as many have). Point is whether a customer allows the company to make it right and whether the company learns from their customer. I can assure you that if your upper was a turd and you made issue with it, they listened to the extent that I have a solid upper with utter confidence in reliability and within spec. Not looking to see you change your mind on supporting them – was looking for you to amend your review with relevant new information rather than harbor a sore ass by perpetuating a currently inaccurate statement that held true at one time. I would be happy to detail pic the clear inaccuracies between a upper you received years ago (and admittedly gave them a chance to correct) and a current production upper bought over Valentines this year. But alas, sometimes one must raise their voice louder, break more shit and cuss more curse words than the other to make their point or achieve proper compensation…you obviously did not. Rest knowing your dissatisfaction and complaints with your upper instituted a high enough degree of quality control to make my upper titties. I did speak to the owners regarding this review as I was concerned initially after reading this blog, if it makes you feel better there was one other customer they couldn’t satisfy…even though they offer a 100% money back guarantee for the life of the factory build. Sounds like the biggest cost was time involved in dealing with the fiasco…but than again, I may be wrong as it was your experience. Mine has been more than phenomenal in dealing with HCS.

    • If you sell someone a defective T.V. it is an inconvenience for them. If you sell someone a defective firearm there is a small chance their life may depend on that product. Items like firearms, medical equipment, cars, etc should be held to a higher standard of care.

      As you say we all make mistakes, but it is how we handle these mistakes that is important. When I have had issues with products from companies like Colt, Daniel Defense, and LaRue they have very quickly solved the issues. With High Caliber Sales, I received two uppers with major issues, and Kevin said that it was acceptable. The Second HCS MK12MOD1 upper I had could easily be picked up and one could quickly see that it was not correctly built. Closer inspection showed that the rail and the upper were not the same height, the rail was canted (rotated), the rail was parallel to the barrel & upper, among other issues. Any ONE of those I can easily understand slipping past QA. I can not think of any reason an upper with all those issues could make it through any sort of quality inspection.

      Simple fact of the matter is that he sold me crap and thought it was fine. If you received a good product from him, congratulation, but doesn’t change that he sold me a subpar product at a premium price. If something can leave his shop with so many obvious inconsistencies, what else might be wrong inside? That is why I will not support him or his products.

      Jeb, if HCS has changed people can learn that from their other customers. If this is so, any prospective customer should see any newer good reviews from other newer customers. But Kevin isn’t going to see a penny from me. Two bad HCS uppers are enough for me, I can’t afford to deal with this a third time.

  3. Howard,
    Your points are clear and understandable as I do not knock you for being pissed about it. I have my companies I refuse to contribute to due to whatever it is I feel they have screwed myself or others out of. I merely attempted to correct some statements that no longer hold true to HCS, at least to the extent of my dealings with them. I will further state that I do enjoy this blog, have found it informational and factual on many things, scour your reviews to help determine the applicability of various purchases and like the sense of humor Shawn and you express here. Of all the reviews on Aimpoints and Micros, it was your repetitive explainations on why the damn thing was a no brainer that finally drove me to dropping 700 on a Aimpoint (along with a handful of other respected reviews from respectable dudes). The review on HCS came to me after the upper was ordered and will admit, you had me shitting rose thorns wondering if I was going to receive a STD of a Valentine’s present. There are not many legit Mk12 and Mk18 providers out there and Specialized Armament scares the hell out of me, Daniel Defense makes allocations for the general consumer and deviates from spec and LMT seems good to go for a Mk18 upper…but HCS did it right for me. I didn’t mean to come across as a dick, I just wanted to clarify. And once again, between another customer and you, the problems you both experienced have been corrected to a point where shit is staked, finish is phenomenal, measurements measure and the fit is tight enough to give a nun a run for her money in comparison.

    As a sidenote, you think HCS can be a migraine to deal with FN is much more self destructive. Them sumbiches can make you happily put one in your own skull over the phone. Granted, they just about send you Belgium hookers as free swag and consolidation but only after dealing with 7 customer disservice dicks over the process of 4 days and 9.5 hours.

    I have been hearing AWESOME things about Larue, and would of went with their T1 mount but bad reviews about biting rails badly steered me to ADM and I am one happy sumbich. Waiting on a Spurh mount review from you guys too.


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