Bank Robbery Vest From HEAT( Film) By Michael Mann


A few days ago I posted a little gun factoid from the movie HEAT, the classic action film with Al Pacino  which featured the greatest bank robbery shootout in film.  Mainly the post was about how my friend learned how the armorers rigged up a sling out of bungee cords the robbers used to sling their Colt Commandos under their jackets for the bank heist.  The same friend, while learning about how they hid the guns in the movie, ran across a company making a reproduction of the vest the robber wore during the robbery that held the spare ammo they used to shoot their way out of the police blockade.


Above is the vest with a Colt commando, the same type ( minus full auto) used in the film.   The vest is ballistic nylon with elastic with velcro flaps to secure the mags.  It is mainly mesh with a short zipper section in the front and a tied rear to adjust it for size.

It is surprisingly comfortable and easy to hide.

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The vest will hold eight mags and what looks like 2 single stack pistol mags or one double stack pistol mag.

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When using the bungee sling rigged up the same way as used in the movie, the gun does hide under a sport coat well enough for Hollywood.  Of course a larger or longer coat would work better. It also lets you shoulder if very quickly, though transitioning shoulders is pretty much a no go. But for what it was intended to be, it is pretty snazzy.  The vest and the gun rig works well together and nothing on the vest gets on the way of shouldering or firing the carbine.  Below is a picture of just the carbine and the rigged up bungee system used by the bad guys in the movie for those who did not see the earlier post.




It is a neat little set up and very cool if you are a big fan of the movie.  The vest is made over seas and was advertised as being for airsoft or real use, and I have to admit it is high enough quality to last a decent time period or real use. Its not a tactical tailor or first spear vest, but it certainly would work for a short term system to hide your ammo and gun in a situation you may have to evade across some city riot hell in the vent of some kind of breakdown of society, and not be noticed.  Really, it is just a fantasy toy and movie memorabilia prop or however you want to think of it.  But, it would do well for a while as long as it did not see extreme abuse. I think they are made one at a time so I can not vouch for the quality of all of them made. So I am not gonna even bother to list the company name,  You can easily find it by a search of Ebay if you loved the movie and want to have a piece of it as much as my friend did.


  1. Looking for a heat vest and it seems the one company that sells it are a bunch of thieves, any help would be appreciated

    • Sorry Rennie. The est I showcased was purchased by a friend and I have no idea where he got it. I texted him to ask where he got it just now and he does not even remember now after several years.


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