Making The Sling From HEAT ( film ) Shootout


I think anyone  who likes the AR15 pattern rifle, or guns period , has seen the movie HEAT from the mid 90s with the bank robbery shoot out. As a fun time killing project, a friend looked around online and found out how the film’s armorer rigged up the guns so the bank robbers could hide them under their business suits.



Its nothing more complex than bungees taped together with a hook.  Its simple and cheap, but it is a neat little trick.  Since the felons in the movie didn’t care or need anything fancy, it works well for the intended purpose.



Once you get them taped together and add a snap hook or something similar, you slide it on just like a shoulder holster, or bra.


They are snug but not un-comfy, and since it stretches it will fit anyone pretty easy.



The gun easily fits up snug under the arm and is ready to deploy in a heart beat if  you see Al Pacino trying to shoot you.



Cool factor of having this set up is wasted if you do not have proper Colt Commando though. Sorry. Do not use this to rob a bank in LA or anywhere.  Its for entertainment only.


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