AK47 Pmag Testing ( First Impressions


001 002


We started our tests of the Magpul  AK Pmag this summer.  It is a good looking mag, as if that really mattered, and inserts easy and slick.  Its a lot easier to load rounds into than the typical surplus versions and a lot lighter. That is a big plus for those who are dedicated to using the AK as their go to rifle.   We fired it quite a bit with only one malfunction so far.  It was a double feed, for those who want to know.   We will be using it a lot more over the next month or so to really see what we can put it through.

I am by no means a AK pattern fanatic, but I have to say, if these live up to the typical Pmag dependability. I would use them as my go to mags if using the Ak all the time was my wont.


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