Check Your Gear


A few weeks ago Shawn posted some pics of a couple of flat dark earth Magpul Pmags that had developed cracks along the spine of the mag.  I just wanted to post a follow up and some thoughts.

Here you can see the cracks in both mags, in identical locations.


I sent an email to Magpul on Sun 04-13-14 about the issue.  I received a response the following morning (Mon 04-14-14) stating they would be shipping out two new replacement mags and a return address label with which to send back the damaged mags.  I received the replacement mags Mon 04-21-14, so just at a week turnaround from when I informed them of the problem to when replacement mags were in hand.


Just to be clear, the purpose of this post isn’t to bash Magpul.  Quite the contrary in fact since I think their mags are some of the best currently on the market and even the two damaged ones still functioned.  Their response to the issue was also top notch and hassle free.

The mail goal in this follow up is to reiterate YOU’VE GOT TO INSPECT YOUR GEAR.

Things wear out, even good companies send out lemons, etc.  If it’s something you think you could be betting your life on it needs to be checked routinely and consistently.  It puts the odds into your favor that things will function as they’re supposed to when you most need them to.


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