Review: Reproduction USMC Weapon Record Book


Much like a car, firearms require preventive maintenance too.  For some military weapon systems, log books are kept to have a record of the number of rounds fired, and any other important details over a firearms life span.  This lets the armorers and small arms techs know when maintenance needs to be done.  The most well known of these are Sniper Log Books.  Not just including round count, it covers zeroing data, ballistic data, and all other information that a sniper finds important about their weapon system.

Detective John Hobbs of the Phoenix PD was killed in the line of duty.  One of our fellow gun nuts started selling reproduction USMC Weapon Record Books and is sending all proceeds(other then the cost to make and ship the books) to Hobbs’ family.  At six dollars a piece, I bought five of them.

These reproductions are faithful to the originals with the exception of a dedication to Detective Hobbs on what would have been the last blank page.


USMC Weapon Record Book


You can find more information and find out how to buy them here.


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