KirchComp Kydex Gear / Update: Out of Business.

Update: Out Of Business 6/29/2014

Unfortunately it seams like KirchComp is out of business.  Several members of Loose Rounds have tried to purchase and get new gear from KirchComp.  Staff have also tried to contact KirchComp to return gear that we have been testing. No answers have been received from KirchComp or it’s owner. KirchComp’s website is also gone. KirchComp made good gear but unfortunately, as has happened with several small kydex business’s, it seams like they could not keep up with demand. As Always, Loose Rounds recommends Dark Star Gear (DSG) Holsters. DSG has a site banner on the left side of the page.



Several months ago, I ran into while trying to find a holster for a new G42. I was inquiring about a nice holster I saw in one of the many forums I frequent. The person, who posted the picture, happened to be the owner of KirchComp, a custom Kydex gear maker. After speaking with the owner and seeing what KirchComp offers, we started to make arrangements to review some of KirchComp’s gear. One thing that caught my attention when looking at KirchComp’s website, was the price point of the products. The holsters and magazine pouches KirchComp was offering were very nicely priced, making multiple gear purchases very affordable. KirchComp sent several holsters and magazine pouches for review. The holsters and magazine pouches have been used for several months now and I found KirchComp has very good gear.

KirchComp G42 Set
KirchComp G42 Set

Company Background:

KirchComp is a veteran owned business. The owner has been in the military for about a decade with the last four years in EOD. With experience being deployed in active combat units, KirchComp started experimenting with Kydex back in 2007 for those units. He first focused on weapon accessories, knife sheaths, flash light carriers, magazine carriers and multiple other tool carriers that soldiers needed/wanted. Word caught on to what he was doing and he started making custom carriers for deploying military members. Kydex became a hobby, a lot of time was spent on building other people’s ideas and learning the materials. In 2011 the owner started making Kydex holsters with his prior experience making gear for military units. KirchComp officially came into its own this past year.


KirchComp sent us several holsters and magazine pouches to review. I was very impressed with the initial looks of KirchComp’s various gear and the very affordable prices they were offering. As soon as I opened the large box that was sent, I could see the quality and serious professional look of KirchComps packaging.  KirchComp has taken the time to package each one of its products and included custom business cards with each item. Also, each package contained a small pack of Vibre-Tite VC-3 Threadmate, for the hardware screws. A nice touch to help prevent any screws from coming loose. Over the last few months of testing, the Threadmate was not needed but it was nice to have on hand if needed.

KirchComp Packaging
KirchComp Packaging

A total of five (5) holsters and two (2) magazine pouches were sent by KirchComp . All of these holsters were for various Glock’s. I inspected these items and could tell KirchComp spent a lot of time finishing/buffing the Kydex, insuring a high quality product was being sent out. I specifically asked KirchComp to send me several different holsters and I received these in just a few days. I was skeptical that the craftsmanship might not be up to the standard I was used too, as KirchComp’s pricing is extremely reasonable, but I was blown away at the attention to detail and quality of the gear. KirchComp is clearly spending a lot of time finishing each piece of Kydex gear.

Finishing Edges
Finishing Edges
Inside / Seams / Edges
Inside / Seams / Edges
Outside / Hardware / Finish
Outside / Hardware / Finish


KirchComp gear has a few unique features that work nicely. On a few of the magazine pouches and holsters I received, there was a raised hole in the center of the Kydex, with  an extra soft loop. This allows you to quickly convert these carriers, from outside the waist band to inside the waist band carry. The inside the waist band soft loops have the directional snap that most should be use to.

KirchComp G42 Set
KirchComp G42 Set

KirchComp uses color matching eyelets and hardware when making two-tone holsters. These are some nice visually popping features to make the holster stand out. KirchComp added a tension adjustment screw on one of the holsters sent to Loose Rounds. This feature gives you the ability to adjust the tension of the holster to your desired setting.

G17  Tension Adjustable Holster OD/FDE
G17 Tension Adjustable Holster OD/FDE

KrichComp will make you some very nice custom concept gear that you may think up.  I would expect them to charge you for this as it is time consuming and at times difficult.

Carbon Fiber / Neon Green Cuts & Hardware
Carbon Fiber / Neon Green Cuts & Hardware
Cuts / Edge / Hardware
Cuts / Edge / Hardware


I have been using the KrichComp gear for a few months now. I have been using it at the range and carrying the holsters on a daily basis during that time.  I have some clear favorites out of the gear that I was sent but all the holsters work very well. KirchComp specifically asked me about the carry belt I use. I informed the owner I use Volund Gearworks ATLAS belts and he stated this was one of the belts he used in designing KirchComp’s hard loops.  All the holsters were very comfortable and concealed well. I was surprised at how well the full size holsters concealed. Printing was minimal to non-existent with the full size holsters. Retention and drawing from all of the test holsters, was on par with many of the other brands of Kydex holsters I have used.

IWB Carry
IWB Carry
OWB Carry
OWB Carry


One of the full size holtsers KirchComp sent had been used quite a bit. This is a gunmetal gray full size Glock w/TLR1 light holster. I specifically asked for a used holster so I could test out the durability.  This particular holster was carried by the owner of KirchComp, for several months and used in various firearms courses before being sent to Loose Rounds.  I have been running the holster hard (3 months) and its holding up extremely well. In fact, the holster still looks pretty damn good. All of the other holsters are holding up nicely as well. There should be no problem with KirchComp gear lasting a long time, even under hard training/range use.

G17 / TRL1 light / Gunmetal Gray
G17 / TRL1 light / Gunmetal Gray

Final Thoughts:

KirchComp gear is very well thought out, quality stuff. At this time, and for those who have a tight budget, they are very hard to beat. KirchComp has its own unique design/look, as you can see in the pictures. You get the feeling that if someone showed the holster to you, you would know it was a KirchComp holster. With all Kydex gear companies, the price goes up and so does the wait time, as demand grows. I’m sure this will also happen with KirchComp as more people get their hands on the gear. If you are in the market for a quality Kydex holster or other gear, strongly consider KrichComp.


For more pictures and info on KirchComp gear, visit their Facebook Page at:

Cold Bore Precision For The LEO Sniper Rifle

For those in the LE side of sniping, the first round is for the most part, the most important.  In a hostage situation, the first round HAS to hit exactly the spot it was meant for or some one is very likely going to die. Maybe more than one.  A precision rifle has to be able to hit the exact same spot every time on demand, no questions asked.   There is no room for debate on this.  In my opinion, if a LE sniper can not, on demand, lie prone and hit a 1 inch dot at 100 yards with his weapon, assuming there is nothing wrong with the gun, scope, ammo etc) he needs to go home. Or, at least be taken off active sniper duty until his skill is sharpened to this point.


But to get to this point, a rifle capable of delivering this critical hit is a must.  There are all kinds of thoughts on how to make a gun this accurate but I will save that for another time.  For now, I am going to talk about a drill to test a LE sniper rifle over long periods of time to make sure it can deliver if and when the time comes.


Since the weather and temp does change in most parts of the US. It is very important that the gun is tested over the widest range. If your job is a LEO sniper, you need to test this over months and a variety of temp and weather conditions.  Not only will this prove the gun but build your confidence in it and yourself.  Keeping a record of the testing could also be something that you use to CYA at a later date.


The group above was fired over 5 months from summer to winter, from a FN  Sniper rifle. in active use.  The 1 inch black square shows five shots into the black.  With two shots outside that looks like fliers, but were actually hits on thumb tacks for fun by the sniper.

All shots are “cold bore” as they should be. Shots from a LE sniper are going to be cold bore, and since this is the most important shot and most likely to have a  different POI  from lesser rifles, the test needs ( has) to be done under cold bore shot conditions. Some of the temps ranged from 39 one day to -9 two weeks later.  The rifle still hit in the same spot.  Everything was recorded for later possible use. Temp, time of day, cloud cover, date and wind direction are just a few notes.  If you can not do this on demand, I damn sure do not want you having to shoot past my head or a loved ones head if any of us are a hostage.   I doubt many entry team officers would want you shooting past their ears either if you can not place one past them with this precision.   LEO sniping is not military sniping where center mass is usually good enough,.



Rifle is the excellent FN sniper which uses the Model 70 action and match grade FN  barrel with chrome lining, Not usually something precision shooters want in a target rifle or sniper rifle, but FN has some how pulled it off.  Leupold optic and Federal Gold medal 175 grain  HPBT.   This rifle can be counted on to do this on demand, any time of year no matter the weather if user is skilled enough to be a Sniper in a LE environment.

Making The Sling From HEAT ( film ) Shootout

I think anyone  who likes the AR15 pattern rifle, or guns period , has seen the movie HEAT from the mid 90s with the bank robbery shoot out. As a fun time killing project, a friend looked around online and found out how the film’s armorer rigged up the guns so the bank robbers could hide them under their business suits.



Its nothing more complex than bungees taped together with a hook.  Its simple and cheap, but it is a neat little trick.  Since the felons in the movie didn’t care or need anything fancy, it works well for the intended purpose.



Once you get them taped together and add a snap hook or something similar, you slide it on just like a shoulder holster, or bra.


They are snug but not un-comfy, and since it stretches it will fit anyone pretty easy.



The gun easily fits up snug under the arm and is ready to deploy in a heart beat if  you see Al Pacino trying to shoot you.



Cool factor of having this set up is wasted if you do not have proper Colt Commando though. Sorry. Do not use this to rob a bank in LA or anywhere.  Its for entertainment only.

AK47 Pmag Testing ( First Impressions

001 002


We started our tests of the Magpul  AK Pmag this summer.  It is a good looking mag, as if that really mattered, and inserts easy and slick.  Its a lot easier to load rounds into than the typical surplus versions and a lot lighter. That is a big plus for those who are dedicated to using the AK as their go to rifle.   We fired it quite a bit with only one malfunction so far.  It was a double feed, for those who want to know.   We will be using it a lot more over the next month or so to really see what we can put it through.

I am by no means a AK pattern fanatic, but I have to say, if these live up to the typical Pmag dependability. I would use them as my go to mags if using the Ak all the time was my wont.

Check Your Gear

A few weeks ago Shawn posted some pics of a couple of flat dark earth Magpul Pmags that had developed cracks along the spine of the mag.  I just wanted to post a follow up and some thoughts.

Here you can see the cracks in both mags, in identical locations.


I sent an email to Magpul on Sun 04-13-14 about the issue.  I received a response the following morning (Mon 04-14-14) stating they would be shipping out two new replacement mags and a return address label with which to send back the damaged mags.  I received the replacement mags Mon 04-21-14, so just at a week turnaround from when I informed them of the problem to when replacement mags were in hand.


Just to be clear, the purpose of this post isn’t to bash Magpul.  Quite the contrary in fact since I think their mags are some of the best currently on the market and even the two damaged ones still functioned.  Their response to the issue was also top notch and hassle free.

The mail goal in this follow up is to reiterate YOU’VE GOT TO INSPECT YOUR GEAR.

Things wear out, even good companies send out lemons, etc.  If it’s something you think you could be betting your life on it needs to be checked routinely and consistently.  It puts the odds into your favor that things will function as they’re supposed to when you most need them to.

Quick thoughts on the Haley Strategic D3CR Chest Rig

Haley Strategic D3CR


When the D3CR was announced I didn’t think much of it.  However later I grew to like the idea of having a few mags, along with the ability to carry a pistol and pistol mags all in one small rig.  So I went to order one and found it was out of stock.

Quite a while later they finally got back in stock and I was able to get one.

Initially the mag pouches were very tight.  After a little use they have loosened up a bit and have not been an issue.  I find USGI mags slip out the best, but it can sometimes be a pain in the ass to get PMags in there.  While the rig isn’t slow, it is no where near as fast as something like a set of FastMags.  I would not want to use non-AR15 mags in those 4 main pockets.

The two General Purpose pouches are rather small.  Putting in a bandage and a tourniquet filled one up completely.  They are much smaller then I expected.

Construction appears excellent, well assembled and well thought out.

The Stuff-It pouch is awesome for holding odds and ends.  A single Saiga12/Vepr 12 mag, water bottle, Surefire 60 round mag, or SR25 mag all fit in it well and were easy to extract from it.  Inserting items was slower as they often caught on the elastic cord that makes up the sides of the pouch.

The pistol mag pouches appear to be designed for a full sized double stack mag.  My Glock 30 mags sat low in it and were slower to extract and the 1911 10 round mags high enough that using the retention elastic didn’t seem practical.  A magnet in the pouch held a lone single stack 1911 mag in place well and the pouch could fit two single stack 1911 mags in it easily.

I tried carrying a pistol(G19, G26, M1911, and an aluminium trainer as shown above) in a cheap holster in one of the side pockets.  I liked the draw and the accessibility of the pistol in that location, however I found that it flopped around too much and got in the way of using a rifle.  This set up using that cheap leather holster would not work for me.  I do not know if the recommend INCOG holster would make a difference there.

I like and would recommend the D3CR with the caveat that it is not the do every thing rig or the fastest gear available.  However if its capabilities fit your needs, it is rather nice and well made.

Aimpoint T-1 And Eotech XPS series Size Comparison






Getting my hands on the smaller Eotech over the weekend, we thought we would take some pictures to compare them in size.  A lot of people ask us about this and we had no chance to do this before now.   For those trying to decide which they want, this may help.  The Eotech is compact, but still no where near as small trim and light as the T-1.  We have often given our opinion on the eotech and how we feel it can not be trusted based on the  many, many instances of its failures in front of us or models we owned in the past. But there are always gonna be those who want them because they see SEAL or some such using them.   Keep in mind even a lot of guys in SOCOM DO not care and will use what is handed to them.  But, the point is, here is a comparison for those who want to see a good side by side. You can do you own research on which one you think will work best for you otherwise.   You can find out thoughts and feelings on the trustworthiness of the Eotech in other posts.

New Pro Gun Laws in Kentucky

Signed into law this week

Senate Bill 100, sponsored by state Senator Sara Beth Gregory (R-16), streamlines the Concealed Deadly Weapons License (CDWL) process by allowing applicants to submit their forms electronically. This applies to both new and renewing applicants. Allowing applicants to submit license information electronically provides them with greater access to the CDWL process.

Senate Bill 125, sponsored by state Senator Dennis Parrett (D-10), allows honorably discharged service members to waive the training requirement for a concealed deadly weapon license with the proper documentation.

Senate Bill 232, sponsored by state Senator Brandon Smith (R-30), requires that a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) sign an application for the transfer of any item regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA) within fifteen days if the applicant is not prohibited by law from receiving it. By removing any possibility of personal bias and creating a statewide standard, SB 232 protects the rights of law-abiding gun owners across the Bluegrass State.

House Bill 213, sponsored by state Representative Joni Jenkins (D-44), allows corrections officers, current or retired, of urban-county governments or consolidated local governments to use their professional training to satisfy the training requirement in applying for a concealed-carry permit. HB 213, as amended by state Representative Stan Lee (R-45), also allows new residents in Kentucky who have valid concealed carry licenses from other states that have a reciprocal agreement with the Kentucky Department of State Police, to waive the training requirements for Kentucky licenses and to use the out-of-state license in Kentucky for their first 120 days of residence, providing that within sixty days of the resident moving to Kentucky, he or she delivers a form and accompanying documents by registered or certified mail to the Department of Kentucky State Police, evidencing proof of a valid out-of-state license to carry a concealed deadly weapon. This amendment also stipulates that an out-of-state concealed carry license will become invalid in Kentucky upon either the passage of 120 days or issuance to the person a valid Kentucky concealed deadly weapons license.

House Bill 351, sponsored by state Representative Gerald Watkins (D-3), allows an individual who has legally sought a court-issued Emergency Protection Order (EPO) the ability to better defend themselves by expediting the permitting process for a CDWL, after a background check. Senate Bill 106, sponsored by state Senator Jared Carpenter (R-34), was the Senate counterpart to HB 351 and its language and identical intent were included as well

Brass over bolt in a Tavor and a broken Perazzi shotgun spring.

I was helping out on the range when one of the Range Officers asked me to help clear a jammed Tavor.  The owner was attempting to use a Surefire 60 round mag and had a brass over bolt malfunction and could not clear it.

Tavor malfunction

Tavor malfunction

What surprised me is when I easily cleared the visible jammed round the action wouldn’t cycle.  Turns out there was a second live round jammed up in there.  The follow bound in the Surefire 60 round mag allowing multiple rounds up into the action.  How they got up and back in the action I don’t know.   For any one who reads this who has used a Tavor and Surefire mags, how well has it worked for you?


A friend of mine showed me this broken spring from his Perazzi shotgun.

Perazzi shotgun broken spring

Perazzi shotgun broken spring

This spring for the lower barrel of a Perazzi shotgun reached the end of its service life and was replaced.  Fortunately this particular shotgun came with two spares of this spring so the owner can keep it ready for competition.  It is good to have spare parts for firearms you depend on. Often it is even better to have a complete working spare firearm.