Scuttlebutt: 5.45 and Plum Crazy


If you don’t keep up with the gun world, there are a couple of things going on that may be worth keeping an eye on.

1.  Many groups, some reputable, are saying that the ATF is going to ban the import of surplus 5.45×39 7n6 ammo.  Panic buying has already started driving prices and demand up.

2.  There are many repeating rumors(I have yet to see hard evidence) that the ATF has declared the polymer Plum Crazy AR15 lowers illegal.


As for 5.45 ammo, to my understanding of the law surplus 7n6 rounds do not meet the criteria of armor piercing.  But the letter of the law may not stop an import ban.  The rumors claim that someone built a 5.45 pistol leading to the banning of the importing of 5.45.  So some gun owners have started a witch hunt for the manufacturers of 5.45 pistols.  If you are going to put pressure on anyone, put it on the Government and on the NRA.  Doing a witch hunt among gun owners only hurts us all.(For example, one person was posting My Little Pony pictures on a gun companies Facebook page in protest.  WTF?)  If you are a fan of 5.45 keep an eye on what is going on.

When ammo is cheap, stack it deep.  It is not always going to be cheap.

The Plum Crazy polymer AR15 lower had a metal insert stamped with the serial number sort of like how a Glock frame has a metal insert.  The release info show a partial Plum Crazy lower that had this insert pried out.

What this will mean for owners of Plum Crazy lowers is yet to be determined.  Bear in mind it is not that hard to destroy a firearms serial number.


Elections have consequences, we have a great many anti-gun politicians in power.  Things are not going to get better unless we change that.


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