A “safe” pistol the Ruger LC9.


I went to the range today.  One of the other shooters was having an issue with a LC9 so I got the chance to look at it.

This Ruger LC9 would not fire.  New out of the box, the owner could chamber a round, but he could not make it fire.  He was asked if it had a key lock the owner said no.  So the owner was told to contact the company and if necessary send it back.

I went and took a look at the Ruger web site and they they note that this pistol has a key lock.  My best guess is that at some point the key lock was used on this pistol rendering it inert.  Fortunately this owner choose to test his firearm before relying on it.

Moral of the story:  Test your gear, avoid unnecessary extra safety locks.


  1. If it has a key lock on it, the key would have been supplied in the box. That the pistol’s owner missed it says much about the owner.

  2. I had a key lock fail and locked up the gun, a Remington rifle. Turns out that some of that model had been recalled for that reason but not mine. It was cheaper to have a local gunsmith disable the lock than to return the gun to Remington for repair.


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