Vintage Toy Guns Of Our Youth


Commandos GreenBeret Marx NewStarTrek

Some old ads  for some of the awesome toy guns from when we were younger and the country was more free.  I have no idea how many plastic green toy M16A1s and plastic cap grenades  I went through as a kid.  Then I moved on to pellet and BB guns.  My first real gun was a WW1 1911 Colt at age 9. But obviously the toys got more time on the range killing commies for Ronald Regan in the early to mid 1980s.

I always asked for the toy guns that looked the most real.  I had a full auto Uzi water gun that would pass as real today. I also had a cap gun MP5SD and a very realistic AK47, the type with the gear in the trigger that made a some what shooting sound and many of the real wood and metal  bolt action “springfield ” 1903 and M14 toys. I even had a few of the cast iron dummy grenades to play with.  I was the best armed kid in the hollow for sure.



I always liked the one above because it kinda looked like the laser rifles used by the  GI Joe’s in the cartoon and comic books.


Above, for the kid who wanted to be able to down a commie Mig.


  1. Oh man, I’ve been looking for that one that looks like the 80’s gijoe cartoon rifle… Do you one the name and who makes it?


  2. For What Ever it’s worth, the Bazooka looking toy in the B/W photo was later used to make the “Bat-zooka” used in the 1966 Adam West Batman movie.

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